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4 Reasons for Electronic Menu Board

By 17. September 2015General, Marketing & Communication
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The Gastronomy noticed a long time ago, that digitalization and always changing  habits of consumers reached their own branch. The role of every restaurateur is nowadays not only to be just a provider of meals. Further, he has to take the role of a supporter, in which he informs, advices, and entertains the customers. Guests want individual offers, and want to “understand” their meals, because of their steady sense of nutrition. To these count for example information about the nutritional value of their meal, the ingredients of it, or the origin of the food. Though, if a guest is left to himself, he will probably rather go to another local right around the corner – obviously, there are enough opportunities. Experience, instead of just eating. That’s why the use of electronic restaurant menu in the gastronomy branch is getting more and more important. “Big Players” like McDonalds, Starbucks, or even REWE-Bistros are already using digital menu boards successfully. Not only a design on an any-sized screen can display digital menu appealingly, for example at the cashier area. In the following, we want to show you the advantages of digital restaurant menu.

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Advantages of electronic menu board

1. Appealing depiction and central controlling of the contents.

Eveblackboard-677578_640ry restaurateur knows the struggle of the old-fashioned outlook of print-menus. The main problems are that they are likely to look worn out, and that menu changes (new meals, beverages, offers, etc.)  are very expensive and cost a lot of time. Furthermore, digital restaurant menu will help you to handle the stressful daily business of a gastronomical store because the content can be controlled easily via Internet, which has the effect that the staff members as well as the restaurateur’s day will be less stressful. Owners of more restaurants can use digital signage and digital menu software as an easier way to control the menus of all their restaurants, because they can make changes from anywhere and the changes will automatically be updated on their screens in the restaurants. Furthermore professionally designed electronic menu board templates make restaurant digital signage maintenance not only easy but also relatively fast.

Even events, company- or employee information can be communicated through electronic menu board, in order to promote the brand’s name and to separate your business from other businesses. Dynamic content is the best way to increase the customer’s attention in order to increase the turnover per customer.

2. Flexibility in time

Another advantage restaurateurs like in electronic menu board, is that the content can be well coordinated with the time of the day. That means, that you can automatically channel your breakfast offers at breakfast time, your lunch offers at lunch time, and so on. By using electronic menu boards, changes you would usually make using print, are getting way easier. With a content management system you can set a chosen time and adapt it on any device easily. Once the timing is set in the desired playlist, the restaurateur can focus on the main thing – his guests.

3. More costumer satisfaction

Because the factor of satisfaction often has the highest priority for the guehunger-413685_640st, a modern and customer orientated equipment gains more and more priority. Ambience is the most valuable and a fair customer service comes with it.

Especially during the lunch break the stay for stressed workers should be as pleasant as possible. With lcd menu boards the restaurateur is able to present his lunch offer during waiting period and therefore take the spoil for choice for the customer. Furthermore the guests can be informed and entertained with news and live tickers etc., there are no limits set for creativity.

4. Proven sales increase

A lot of restaurant owners still doubt that digital signage benefits them more than it costs them to purchase, and install it. As the graphic below shows, it is proven that in 60% of the cases, a sales increase between 1 up to 5+% are possible. The rest reached an increase of under 1%, which still pays off in a long term calculation. Over all though, you have to see that the use of resources is held to a minimum in contrast to print mediums. You have to take into consideration that you are saving money because you are not printing menus or special offers anymore.

See how to apply your digital menu board the right way (Infographic)

Electronic menu boards for the individual-gastronomy

Especially the individual gastronomy is currently not making use of digital signage solutions, because earlier, those were connected with a lot of technical know-how and a lot of money resources. There was a lack of financial ressources and technical competence in order to set up a software solution. But these problems no longer exist nowadays, because viewneo noticed, that there are a lot of smaller companies that want to implement a professional digital signage solution. Because of the given points, our software is based on an easy installation and a self-explaining usage, in order to give the user a chance to create their content fast and to present it on the screens. To connect these features, we created a so called digital menu board template pool, which offers a huge variety of patterns for each type of businesses. That way, the chosen text or picture contents only need to be dragged into the playlist and even the individual gastronomy will be able to present theirselves to their guests in a modern way.

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