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IoT & Digital Signage: The invisible Elephant in the room – White Paper


„Technological innovations and a hyper-connected world have significantly influenced consumer behaviors and expectations. As a result, retailers are faced with a scary reality: Change or become obsolete.”

– Forbes, Bashar Nejdawi, CEO of Global Wireless Buisness Unit –

Thanks to the internet, we now have the ability to build networks for ourselves in ways that we would once never even have dreamed of. Let’s go one step further today and shed some light on a development that goes far further than anything that the internet has given us so far.

It could justly be called the development of a new era — and the transformation that this entails will be ubiquitous.

Technologies are being developed at a breakneck pace, while costs and sizes are reducing. Customer expectations are reaching new levels and ways of doing business in the retail sector require continuous modernization.

Connectivity is the new way of doing things, resulting in a world in which technology, consumption habits and the internet all converge, interacting and communicating with one another. This phenomenon is opening completely new doors for our everyday lives, for businesses and, most of all, for marketing. Everything will change.

Retailers in particular must see this as an opportunity, not as a threat. The online and offline worlds no longer exist as discrete entities: instead, the internet is ubiquitous. Online and offline channels exist in a symbiotic relationship with one another and add completely new dimensions to our ways of communicating.

Businesses that continue to turn away from the internet will no longer be able to meet their customers’ growing expectations.

The development that is driving this transformation is called the Internet of Things.

But what does that mean for us and our everyday lives, and above all: what does that mean for retailers, for businesses, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals?

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