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Off to Brazil! With the viewneo Olympia Plugin

By 10. August 2016Events & Stories, General, viewneo

“Live your Passion”

The colorful diversity of the Brazilian Olympics is affecting everybody worldwide. And it’s thrilling!

Battles for the Olympic medals are in direct competition and super exciting which is why Olympic content is just the right eye-catcher to display on your screens. And not only for sports fans because everybody is enthusiastic and cheering for their teams and home countries. It brings us back to emotional moments as they happened during the Olympics 2008 in China when the german weightlifter Matthias Steiner won the Golden Medal in his discipline. And with his victory, he also won over people’s hearts. A touching moment that moved around the world.

It’s moments and success stories like this that bring people and nations together. That’s what sports can do.

And you can do too with your screens. And the Olympia Plugin.

Colorful content with the viewneo Olympia Plugin

The 2016 Summer Olympics, also Rio 2016, being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are excellently suited to be presented on your screens or video walls. It’s colorful, vivid and exciting content that truly represents the Brazilian spirit and people’s way of getting passionately involved in whatever they do. No matter if it’s just one display or a couple of screens worldwide that are supposed to be filled with content, the viewneo Olympia Plugin spreads all important informations to any screen in time. It’s just the right addition for all Digital Signage users wanting to delight with current topics.

viewneo Plugin Rio 2016

What your viewneo Olympia Plugin can do?

Holding Olympia updates and news round the clock.

Follow the current medal table and don’t miss no more award ceremony. The Olympia Plugin does not only bring color and diversity, but also it provides all current news and information regarding the Olympics for you to display on your screens. All it takes is an existing internet connection, a Digital Signage installation, the Olympia Plugin with ready to use Olympia Templates and off you go! Fully automatic.

Make everything seem more vibrant!

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