Digital Menu Boards
Fast. Easy. Professional.

Create your digital menu boards in a matter of seconds and present
your offers as tasty as never before. Bringing your menu
up-to-date is no problem any more. Digital Signage,
that easy with viewneo.

What’s Digital Signage?

Simplify your work life with Digital Signage. Using viewneo you can present your offers digitally from everywhere you like.

You are creating new menus in your kitchen and like to present changing offers to your guests? No problem with viewneo. Save time and money to update your digital menu board. Simple and fast.

Tom shows you.

How does it work?

With this small Stick.

Plug in – turn on – ready to use. With the viewneo stick you can easily broadcast your menus and offers on modern screens via internet. From anywhere. The viewneo stick fits in every HDMI-input so that you an use it with almost any screen or TV. Cause digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated.

Your digital menu board for tables and counters

Your mobile solution with anti-slip food

Set up. Turn on. Ready to use – incl. viewneo pro license

Your multitouch display for interactive content

Digital Menu Boards

Does that require technical know-how?

Absolutely not. You can create and present offers and specialities from your kitchen with our provided professional templates. Besides you are able to update them whenever you like. With ambitiously created content your guest will definitely become hungry for more. Of course your can also upload your own files and customize the templates according to your needs.

viewneo is easy to use and to work with. Ether you work with the given templates or you create your own ones. Both won’t take to much time.
Don’t hesitate to give it a try. You can start right away by free registry.

You need your costumers to be more engaged? There is nothing better to approach this than an interactive social media wall! And we’ve got something amazing for you –

viewneo Instagram Plugin

If you are not sure how and where to use it, check this out:

Restaurant Marketing: Secret Ingredient Instagram
electronic signage boards

Schedule Your Digital Menu Board.

Just set a timer to your digital menu board and easily schedule your daily offers. Present your breakfast specials in the morning and switch to your lunch menu around noon. That way you are able to create dynamic playlists which will catch a higher attetion.

Besides, you were never able to respond faster to changes in  your menu than you are now. Whenever you want to change the dishes you serve or you would like to promote a special offer, the changes can be made the minute you plan them. Neyt to that you can offer your customers additional content by integrating youtube videos or Twitter tweets.

Besides you can tailor the templates according to your individual requirements.
Designing your offer has never been that simple. Less work, more time for your costumers.

More Flexible Service

Price adjustment can be done with just a few clicks. Thereby the new prices will be displayed in your restaurant immediately. Save your money by economizing recurring printing costs. viewneo enables you to change your board within a matter of seconds. To do so, you can access your system from anywhere using any mobile device with an internet connection. By that you keep your menu always up-to-date. Digital Signage has never been that simple.

What now? Grab a sip of coffee and let’s go.

Is viewneo free? Absolutely. Have fun creating your first digital menu board.