Digital Signage
Solution for Florists

Digital information screens can provide
your customers with valuable tips about
flower care, gardening work or decoration.

Your Creations on modern Screens

Show Your Customers that there is a perfect present for every occasion – your flowers.
Use a variety of professionally designed templates for florists – of course for free –
and play them on modern screens in a matter of seconds. The templates are almost
ready-to-use prepared  and just have to be added with individual text
and/or images to make them your own. Try it for free!

design template

viewneo Signage Stick

Your Flower Creations on Screens.

Plug in – turn on – ready to use. With the viewneo Stick you can easily broadcast your colorful creations on modern screens via internet. From anywhere. The viewneo Stick fits in every HDMI-input so that you can use it with almost every screen or TV. Cause digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated.

Free viewneo App

For Small Displays.

download the app for free on your tablet-PC

upload colorful offers for every occasion

present your creations for birthdays, mother’s day
or valentines day the most appealing way

Tom Missed Something in his Store.

Do it like Tom and start your own instore TV. Increase the sales of your products, inform your customers at the POS and entertain your guests. Digital and interactive. In our shop you will find the right solution for you for sure.

Now he got the Solution. viewneo.

Try it and Test viewneo for Free and Without any Commitment.

For your customers. Four your business. For you.