Digital Signage
Solutions for Hotels

Increase your customers well-being by using
viewneo to present your unique digital advertising
content. Whether in entrance areas or in
elevators - easy, quick and simple at any time.

digital restaurant menu

Lobby TV software for your Hotel.

Improve your hotel lobby display with your very own Inhouse TV by using viewneo. Whether it’s news, your latest offerings or your own
promotion video – using digital advertising screens will create an atmosphere of well-being
and invite customers to linger.

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Tablets for Your Reception and Rooms

download the app for free on your tablet-PC

upload your daily offers via internet

Present your hotel specials directly on small screens.

viewneo Signage Stick

Your Offers presented on large-sized Screens

Plug in – turn on – ready to use. With the viewneo Stick you can easily broadcast your hotel related ads and content on modern screens via internet. From anywhere. The viewneo Stick fits in every HDMI-input so that you can use it with almost every screen or TV. Cause digital signage doesn’t have to be complicated.

Use Professional Templates for the Hotel Industry.

Use a variety of professionally designed templates – free of charge of course.
Latest offerings and news related to your business can easily be brought
to digital screens in a matter of seconds and high quality image animations
will offer a great entertainment value for your customers. Create individual content
and images which can easily be adjusted and modified at any time to suit your needs.
Just try it yourself.

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Schedule Your Offers ans News.

viewneo allows you to present various content on a day-to-day basis by simply
implementing a timer into your playlists to schedule your daily offers.  Set up
a daily weather report in the mornings and change your program automatically
throughout the day to informations about evening activities.  You can even
determine specials on certain weekdays and integrate weekly placements
into your playlist.

Always Up to Date.

You want to keep your customers updated about the most recent specials
offered at all times? With digital displays, all of your content can be changed and
adjusted anywhere at any time. That way you will always be able to update your
customers in an instant. Save time and money – use digital menus, maps and
directions to address your customers.

Try it and Test viewneo for Free and Without any Commitment.

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