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Solutions for Media Agencies

With the digital signage solution
viewneo you are always on the
safe side - the digital one!
Your customers, your responsibility.
Be innovative.

tv information display software

Connect your customers to the digital world

Being an expert in your field, you know what matters in a networking world.
Share your digital signage insights with your customers.
Make them grasp the need for digital adaption and thus
guarantee attractive services and solutions that are up-to-date
at any time.

You will provide your customers with an
easy, professional and quick solution
for efficient digital PoS marketing
or innovative event marketing activities.
With viewneo.

How it works?

So easy for PoS advertising

Plug in – turn on – ready to use. With the viewneo Stick your customers can easily create and adjust content for info- or advertising screens via internet themselves. From anywhere. The viewneo Stick fits in every HDMI-input so that you can use it with almost every screen or TV. With viewneo you will provide your customers with a real user-friendly digital advertising solution.

With the viewneo Signage Stick.

Discover even more Opportunities

The viewneo BARtab as a stand system:
for digital advertisement or information on tables, counters or in cash areas – incl. viewneo Pro License
The viewneo LED Screen Advertising Stele:
fills your event location, booth or showroom with color and life – incl. viewneo Pro License

Informing, advertising or navigating at the PoS or in the entrance area of your booth with the viewneo iPad Air incl. Tablock System and the viewneo Pro License

for a professional digital marketing.

viewneo BARtab für digitale Werbung

viewneo Stele für professionelle Werbung

Digital Signage Standsystem für Tablets

Easy, user-friendly and Professional.
That’s viewneo.

All functions that might be interesting for you
at a glance.

Using free templates is time and effort saving!

With our self designed professional templates, for a variety of
different industry sectors, advertising displays can be brought
to life super easy. No matter if you need an ad space or an
information platform: All text content, image or video can be
adjusted, updated and individually designed any time and for any
occasion. Our high quality animations will offer a sophisticated
visual addressing, great entertainment value and a professional appearance.
Just see for yourself.

Digital Signage for Media Agencies
digital signage Free templates
digital menu examples

Get your own idea and try viewneo!
Free of charge. Without any obligation.

The easiest way for you and your customers.

Try viewneo

Easy to use

viewneo is the easiest way to use digital signage. You don’t have to learn something. You can just use viewneo to set up your personal advertising screens in minutes.

Award winning Software

We were announced as a winner in category industry software and viewneo got the award by the German Initiative Mittelstand (German Initiative SMEs).

For almost any screen

Use the viewneo signage stick for any HDMI device TV or digital signage monitors. You run  Tablets by using the free Android App.

Cloud based solution

viewneo is cloud based. Use your browser to manage one ore hundreds of digital signage screens from anywhere in the world.