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Kiosk Mode Plugin

viewneo Kiosk Mode Plugin

Secure Your Screens

Need to ensure that your devices are secured, this Plugin has got your back to help prevent any unauthorized access on your device.

Lock your screens

Prevent unauthorized access

The Kiosk Mode Plugin allows you lock the screen on your iPad or tablet to prevent unauthorized access. Customers will still be able to view your content but the touch function is disabled, so that there are no disruptions to your playlist.

Additionally, it comes with an alarm function that will indicate if your device is moved without your permission for extra security.

Securing Your Devices

With the Kiosk Mode Plugin


You’ve put a lot of time and effort into designing a great playlist that highlights your newest products and you want to use a tablet to display this information near the entrance to your store. The Kiosk Plugin ensures that random people walking by can’t change your display by accident.


You would like to provide a tablet display in some of your rooms, but appreciate the security of the Kiosk Plugin to ensure that the devices stay in your hotel and don’t leave when your guests check out.


Want to use tablets to display the latest offers? This Plugin helps to ensure that your devices are only used to display the information that you want.

Outdoor Displays

You want as many people as possible to be able to see your display, but you also want to ensure that they are only seeing your display and nothing else.


More information

Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $0.60 per month/per device or $6.00 per year/per device.