A Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution

With Modular Functionality

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Worldwide Control

With viewneo, you can control your screens from anywhere in the world. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection. Then no matter where you are, you can manage the content on your screens.

With just a few mouse clicks you can adjust content on thousands of screens. This allows you to fully customize your screens and send out global content from your headquarters, while still allowing your local stores the ability to personalize their content.

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Timed Playlists, Content and Displays

You have the freedom to have your individual content or entire playlists change automatically or based on your time preferences. This allows you to adjust programs through the use of timers, to ensure that the right content is playing at the right time.

Additionally, viewneo allows you to program when your monitors are turned on and off.

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viewneo Reports

Which content played, when, where, and how often? Did everything go smoothly? viewneo Reports provides valuable data about the playouts from your screens. You can easily analyze both your live and historical content reports, as well as, export them into a spreadsheet for further data analysis.

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All formats

viewneo has you covered by supporting all common formats. So in addition to all possible image and video file formats, you can also upload Office documents, PDFs and dynamic content via URL, RSS, XML, or video streams. If that’s not enough, our range of social media plugins helps, to expand your possibilities even further.

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The Content Designer

Quickly create new advertisements without needing any external programs. With the integrated content designer, you can create great looking slides in an instant. Plus with our Pixabay Integration, you have instant access to over 1 million free images. Additionally, there is a wide range of customizable animation option available to make your slides stand out.

Using templates helps to guarantee CI specifications, saves time and eliminates duplicate work.

Digital Signage Content Designer


News & Weather

Make your screens more interesting with up-to-date infotainment that is sure to grab their attention. Daily updated content is fully automated and can be simply added to a playlist with a mouse click. There is a wide variety of national and international providers of everything from world news to business to sports.

Personalize your content by displaying weather forecasts for every location on the globe.

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Kiosk with Touch

Have your customers reach out and touch your presentations with touch-enabled screens. Whether at the trade fair, the showroom floor or where ever your customers are, now they can interact with your content.

The viewneo Content Management System allows you to easily configure your content and even add voice control.

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Audience Tracking

Want even more information on who your customers are and what they are looking at? With the mini camera module of viewneo and integrated face recognition, you can obtain metadata, such as the age and gender of your visitors.

Additionally, you can change the content which is broadcast based on the age and gender of the viewer. Best of all it is compliant with privacy regulations and secure.

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viewneo Analytics

Take your understanding of your customers to the next level, with detailed information on your customers. With viewneo Analytics, interactions with the touchscreen combined with audience tracking provide you with meaningful insights on your visitors.

Get information on not only the age of your visitors but also the entire gender distribution of all of your visitors. This cost-effective, integrated big data analysis tool will help you know your customers like never before.

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viewneo and Zapier:

Integrations with 1000+ Business Apps

Advertise your deals on convertibles only when the sun is shining. Have your live ticker update automatically, when a purchase is made. Now you can do all of this and more automatically. Outlook, Google Calendar, Hubspot, and Salesforce are just a few of the business applications that you can utilize to build a powerful automated Digital Signage network.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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Digital Signage as a Screensaver

Screens can be a powerful way to share a message. Put all your screens to work with the viewneo Screensaver and reach your employees directly regardless of their location.

Now you can publish the latest news and information on all of your office monitors, including PCs. That’s digital signage that delivers from viewneo.

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