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Live Ticker Plugin

viewneo Live Ticker Plugin

Read All About It

This Plugin offers a way to get updated information, events, and offers out to your customers, visitors and employees, quickly and easily.

Important messages need attention

Make sure that they are seen

No one wants to be the last one to know something, and now they don't have to be with the Live Ticker Plugin. It helps to ensure that no more important messages slip through the cracks.

Additionally, this Plugin is designed to work seamlessly with RSS feeds, such as, news, sports, or even your own feeds. So there is no reason to not be in the know.

Core Features

Custom Text

You can write a custom message and get it up on your screens in no time


Show your favorite RSS feed in the live ticker


Set the position, duration and colors for your live ticker

Bring Information to Your Screens

With the Live Ticker Plugin


Provide continuously updated information to employees about upcoming events or company news.

Educational Institutions

Need to make a schedule or room change and want to make sure that everyone is informed. The Live Ticker Plugin makes it easy and visible for everyone.

Real Estate Agents

Provide valuable information, such as office hours, the latest financing news, and listings quickly and easily.

Gastronomy / Restaurants

Go a great new seasonal special that you want to make sure your customers are aware of? This Live Ticker Plugin helps to get attention and sales.


More information

You have a choice between monthly or yearly billing periods. With a monthly subscription, the plugin costs $0.80 per player and $8.00 per player annually.

The Live Ticker plugin is designed to allow for the continuous display of important information and events as a ticker.

Yes, RSS feeds can also be integrated as live tickers.

  • Position: Display the live ticker at the top or the bottom of the screen.
  • Play behavior: Text runs from left to right or from right to left.
  • Color: Individual color setting of the background and the font color.