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viewneo Instagram Plugin

A picture is worth a thousand words

The Instragram Plugin is great for anyone looking to interact with their audience and provide visitors with visually rich presentations.

Over 700 million active users around the world at taking photos and sharing them on Instagram.

As soon as you upload a new picture to your Instagram account, it's available to your followers, as well as dynamically integrated into your photo wall.

Core Features


Create a Photowall using your Instagram profile.


Display in both portrait or landscape formats.


Use your own colors or define a gradient as background

Use cases

For the viewneo Instagram Plugin

Gastronomy / Restaurants

Your guests can share their restaurant experience directly onto your live photo wall and bring your dishes to life.

Fitness Studios

Looking for provide some motivation, then look no further than a photo wall of sporty "Instagramers".

Travel Agencies

White sand beaches, dreamy landscape expressions and isolated bays: The Instagram photo wall shows your clients what’s possible.

Real Estate Agents

From fantastic architectural works to creative furnishing ideas. The Instagram photo wall makes for a great first visual contact in the shop window.

Fashion Boutiques

Share the chic shots of your Instagram account as an inspiring fashion board.


Showcase some of the latest company events in a fun and interactive way to encourage employee engagement.

Your possibilities

With the viewneo Instagram Plugin

Profile: Present the newest posts on your profile.


Digital Photo Wall:

Dynamic photo wall with two options: regular arrangement or with a random layout featuring different image arrangements and sizes.

The Instagram plugin can be used in both portrait and landscape displays.

Video Settings:

You can determine if you would like to display videos or not.

Background Color:

There are a variety of different colors that you can choose as the background color for your photo wall. Additionally, you have the option to set the color to be displayed between transitions.

Display Time:

The display duration of the photo wall can be customized within the playlist.

In order for the Plugin to operate an Internet connection is required.

Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $1.80 per month/per device or $18.00 per year/per device.