viewneo flowCounter

Count visitors and regulate admission

Automatically measure and limit the number of visitors to protect your customers and employees.

Contactless visitor control

In full compliance with regulations

The flowCounter counts each person who enters and exits an area. This helps to ensure that the maximum number of allowed visitors isn’t exceeded. As soon as the capacity limit is reached, the system signals that no more individuals are allowed to enter. Ensuring that all guidelines are adhered to helping to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

More Than a Counting System

Inform, Advertise, Entertain

In addition to counting and managing the number of visitors, the system can also be used to provide customers with useful information. Displaying videos, current offers,hygiene tips helps to shorten the wait time in front of the door.

Since you are able to connect with the viewneo Cloud, content and playlists can be easily developed and managed. Additionally, you have the ability to display content in both portrait and landscape modes.

Here's how it works

Set up, plug it in, ready to go

A camera is mounted in an elevated position to capture the entrance and exit area. A video signal is sent to the flowCounter, which measures how many people enter or leave a given area. The result is a continuously updated overview of the number of visitors.

When a visitor limit is defined, the display will change to a stop signal to indicate that no more visitors are allowed when the limit is reached. As soon as a person exits, the display will change to green indicating that a waiting person can enter.

The advantages at a glance

Safety focused during the corona crisis

Contactless visitor limit

Reliable measuring and limiting

Easy assembly and handling

Secure and compliant with data protection regulations

Act responsibly

Able to be expanded

Use your own graphics, videos or preset traffic light templates

Simultaneous display of different contents (split-screen) possible

Use Camera- & Display-System after Corona

A digital traffic light from viewneo

Simple and uncomplicated

The viewneo flowCounter system counts visitors and uses optical signals to control access to the store. The pre-made traffic light templates can be used or you are able to upload your own content.

The following starter set can be used to help manage the entrance/exit:

  • 1 x camera system
  • 1 x tablet or display stand system

I need these components for …

Combined Entrance/Exit

1 Entrance and 1 Exit

2 Entrances and 1 Exit

Multiple Entrances and Exits
Camera System123number entrances + exit
Tablet or Display Stand System112number entrances

In addition to the hardware components, electricity, Internet (WiFi/Ethernet), and a viewneo account with one license per tablet are required.

The system can also be configured to meet your individual needs. The camera system and display stand system are available to be purchased separately or as part of a complete package.

Optical acquisition by computer vision

The flowCounter compared to other systems

The Value of viewneo

Doesn’t end when the corona crisis is over

The viewneo camera system has additional uses once it is no longer needed to count visitors. The camera is designed to also measure individual faces and in combination with the AI-module, allows you to measure demographic information about your visitors.

Additionally, you can automatically change the information which is shown to match the demographics of the viewer. For example, if a younger woman enters the store, the display will change to show the latest seasonal trend items for this group.

Finally, you have access to all of this information in an easy to analyze dashboard. Explore all of the integrated viewneo options and see how they can help to enhance your business.