IoT Meets Digital Signage: For True Shopping Experiences

viewneo Butler

The viewneo Butler is filling the gap between your screens and whatever is happening in the near surrounding. By combining Digital Signage and Internet of Things you are now able to create unique customer experiences.

viewneo Butler

Unique. Smart. Simple.

The viewneo Butler acts as the control center for all sensors and receptors associated with the viewneo system. This hardware makes it possible that content, such as a commercial can be played on any kind of electrical device (Content Driven Events).

Additionally, sensors (such as motion detectors) can allow content to be displayed when an event is triggered. This allows screens to show a personalized commercial when an individual appears is located in front of the sensor.

Measure Customer Behavior Effortless

IR motion sensor for the viewneo Butler

This infrared motion sensor registers movement which is caused by people. This makes it possible to display content on screens when the sensor registers motion in front of the monitor.

It is ideal for advertising steles that are able to respond to visitors. The IR sensor is battery powered and can be mounted anywhere. The wireless range for the viewneo Butler should be taken into account (approx. 30 - 45 feet distance).

Switch electrical devices

Power socket / plug for viewneo Butler

Switch electrical devices, such as lights, on a screen depending on the content. This radio-controlled socket can be combined with the viewneo Butler system, to create extraordinary presentations. For example, a particular product is lit up by a LED spotlight, while the corresponding promotional video is being played.

The content on the screen is able to generate effects on the environment outside of the monitor (Content Driven Events). It’s suitable for striking advertising in showrooms, customer experience installations in a fixed location or for interactive displays at museums.

Open Interfaces

Unlimited possibilities

The Internet of Things as well as interfaces towards Zapier, IFTTT, ThingSpeak, or other platforms provide unlimited opportunities for interactive applications.

This way your content responds to incidents in real-time. The temperature rises above a predefined hight only cabriolet commercials will be seen on the displays owned by the car rental. If temperature drops below a certain level the content will change to winter check up or all-season tires.

Content Driven Events

Trigger your devices with digital content

Your digital signage content doesn’t have to play in a continuous loop any longer. Your content can react to what’s happening in front of the digital sign. Spin your product on a turntable in front of them while its commercial plays on the digital signs.

How to Create an Extraordinary Digital Experience

With viewneo and viewneo Butler