viewneo PluginContent Sharing Plugin
Content Sharing Plugin

viewneo Content Sharing Plugin

Share Content with Other viewneo Users

If you want to send content such as templates, pictures or videos or whole playlists with other viewneo users, you need the Content Sharing Plugin. It is useful for service providers or departments that want to create content for other user accounts.

Do you need to share information?

Then this is right up your alley

This Plugin allows you to flexibly share information across your network.

Your franchisee or customers no longer have to create their own content. Rather they can easily receive a wide variety of content directly from you.

This helps to ensure that your customer communication strategy is consistently implemented while still allowing room for local customization.


Franchise systems:

Now you can create content once and share it with all of your franchisees quickly and easily. This helps to ensure a more uniform communication across locations.


Provide your customers with content and offer an attractive service. With the content sharing Plugin, you can expand your business model as well as your service options.


You can share all of your self-created or uploaded content. For example, slides, templates, pictures, videos, weather, websites, etc.


Share whole folders that are then created immediately as a Playlist in the respective locations.

Right-click on your desired content or folder and select ‘send to’. Now you will have the ability to specify the email accounts to which you want to release the content. Confirm your selection with ‘OK’ and the receiver will get a message in their viewneo account that content has been released.

You can add as many email addresses to your mailing list as you want to ensure that your content is shared with as many people and locations as needed.