viewneo Professional

Expanded Possibilities and Ad-free

Looking for More viewneo?

Do you want to work collaboratively while still managing your playlists quickly and easily? viewneo Professional is designed to meet your needs.

Customizable for Your Business Needs

With a variety of included and optional modules, viewneo adapts to the needs of your project.


With viewneo Professional, your screen is free of the viewneo logo.

Unlimited Users

Allows for the creation of an unlimited number of users with the ability to apply individual rights management.

Nested Playlists

Create nested playlists and save time when organizing content.

250 GB Storage Space

With viewneo Professional, space is no issue with up to 250GB space available.

Advertising-free Content

When you upgrade to viewneo Professional, the viewneo logo will be removed from your display. With no restrictions from ads, you can really let your creativity flow.

Work in Teams

Collaboration is easier than ever before, with an unlimited number of users able to be added to your account. Avoid unwanted changes by assigning rights to a user based upon their role. viewneo Professional makes teamwork easy.

Nested Playlists

Do you have a lot of recurring content? Simply by using the nested playlist feature. This allows you to insert a playlist inside of another playlist. Your playlists will be easier to organize, while increasing the variety of content at the touch of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immediately after your purchase through our online shop, you will receive an email with your license key.

If you purchased a bundle (player and license), you will receive the license key with the delivery of the player. You can find the license key on the back of the enclosed instructions.

Additionally, you can view your orders, including information on your license keys, at any time in your online shop account information.

To add a new user to your viewneo account, click on the “Users” button, located on the left side of the main menu. This will allow you to see a list of all users currently located in the system.

Click on the + symbol to create a new user. Enter the required information in the form to the right of the user list and confirm your entry by clicking the “Save” button. The newly created user will appear under the list of users on the left-hand side.

You have the choice of purchasing a viewneo Professional license for one or multiple years, when you use our online shop.

Please note that the license will not automatically renew. However, you will be notified prior to the end of your license, so that you can renew it before it expires.

If you have purchased your license through a bundle (viewneo 4K SignageBox including Professional license) the length of the license is always one year.

A Professional license allows you to use one device.

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