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Подключите viewneo к более, чем 1000 приложений

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Zapier имеет возможность подключения к более, чем 1000 приложений, которые могут быть интегрированы с viewneo. Google Calendar, Trello, Salesforce, HubSpot или Evernote - некоторые из возможных опций.

Вы можете передавать информацию и неоходимые метрики непосредственно на свои экраны без каких-либо знаний в программировании, связывая свои приложения с viewneo.

viewneo App for Zapier can be used with more than 750 apps

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Многогранный Digital Signage с Zapier

“If an event is created in Google Calendar, then display it on my screens” - No matter which app you want to associate with viewneo, by using an if-then relationship you can instantly transfer an event within your app to your screens.

Your digital signage content will update independently and always stay up-to-date.

Application example

Advertising that reacts to its environment

If it Rains Today, then Switch to Playlist "Umbrella Offers". By connecting the Zapier Weather app and viewneo, you can now automatically change your playlist based on the weather forecast. If the forecast is showing more than eight hours of sunshine, then sunscreen advertisements make more sense than umbrellas.

Looks like it is going to rain? Then highlight hot chocolate instead of homemade lemonade in your shop window. Automated dynamic playlists help you achieve an optimized advertising strategy.

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