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Smart infotainment for better awareness

Current topics in the form of survey results or as a quiz to help get the audience's attention.

Dynamic content, attractively edited and easy to grasp, helps entertain the viewer. At the same time, the screen becomes more attractive and engaging by automated, constantly changing information. This helps encourage customers to participate and view the other elements of the playlist, as well.

Your options

with the viewneo Sentibar Plugin

Knowledge: General survey results for Germany or Austria on current topics ensure good entertainment and cover a wide variety of topics.

Quiz: The animated quiz questions invite the viewer to participate. It even allows viewers to compare their own responses with that of the general public.

How it works


Select Germany or Austria as the data source


Use survey results or quiz format


Continuous or random playback of the content

The Info Screen as an Eye-Catcher

with the viewneo Sentibar Plugin

There is no shortage of stimuli all trying to capture viewer's attention. In order to present your information in the best possible way, aim for ways to get the viewer's to engage with your content.

By displaying number-based results, the audience is gets to participate and the advertising effect of the screen is increased.


Additional helpful information

The cost depends on the number of screens and the payment period selected. With a monthly payment plan, the plugin costs € 5.00 per monitor. Choosing the annual payment interval means it is € 50.00 for the plugin.

The Sentibar plugin provides statistical data for the following countries: Austria and Germany.

Knowledge: A question appears, followed by the results.

Quiz: There are three possible answers to the question. After a few seconds, the answer that was most often choosen is shown.

The content can either be played continuously or randomly. Additionally, in each catagory 10 new pieces of content are provided every week.

Yes, the Sentibar plugin supports playback on both portrait and landscape screens.