viewneo PluginGoogle Calendar Plugin
Google Calendar Plugin

viewneo Google Calendar Plugin

Link your Google account to display what's on the agenda

Once connected, updates and new appointments are taken from the calendar and displayed on the screen, automatically.

Style your entries

After the Google account is linked, viewneo no longer needs to be opened to update calendar entries. The current, upcoming and all-day events only need to be stored in the calendar to then appear on the monitor.

Define which events you want to display and the how many entries you want to show in one table. If you like upload your company logo for a more professional look.

Expert mode for unlimited possibilities

Design freedom via HTML and CSS

You don't like using the preset mode? No problem. If you are familiar with HTML and CSS you can design the layout individually. Fonts, sizes, background color and further settings can be definded by the user down to the smallest detail.

How it works


Link your Google account


Use the preset option or HTML to style your design


Define the number of meetings you want to display on one page


Additional helpful information

Yes, using the option "template" will allow you to work directly with HTML/CSS. This way you can adjust the layout towards your corporate design.

At this point, we offer the integration of Google Calendar.

Yes, the connections is made by the Google account. In case you have access to several calendars in your account, you can choose from those which to display. In case you use more than one, you can create different contents, one for each calendar.

Yes, the Google calendar plugin supports playback on both portrait and landscape screens.

The cost depends on the number of screens and the payment period selected. With a monthly payment plan, the plugin costs € 3.60 per monitor. Choosing the annual payment interval means it is € 36.00 for the plugin.