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Great images, strong emotions

Bring your shop windows to life

In real estate, nothing is more appealing than a beautiful picture. Taking these images and displaying them digitally allows more people to get swept away by your listings. Do you have a new property that needs to move fast?

viewneo lets you update your digital displays remotely and helps keep you on the move.

Inform your prospective buyers

Make those passing by take a second look

You can have a strong online presence, but still, be missing an opportunity to gain potential clients right in front of your own office. Turn your office window into a sleek, modern presentation area that will be sure to grab the attention of those passing by.

Make your business fun and interactive with Digital Signage.

Present your broker's expertise

Introduce employees, create trust

The real estate business is built on trust. Brokers work closely with individuals as they undertake the biggest purchase of their lives. Clients want to feel like they have someone who is on their side and whom they can trust through this process. Display your expertise and introduce prospective customers to your team.

Opportunities for real estate brokers

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Digital Displays

Acquire New Business

Employee Engagement

YouTube Videos


News Feeds

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For every change, we had to order new prints which also had to be mounted. That was a financial and time taking effort.

Alina Volkmer, Junior Operations ManagerCafetiero

It is really helpful for me that I can control the content of our 24 places from my office. Besides, viewneo is very cost effective which makes it interesting for our franchisees.

Amber Beall, ManagerPizza 9

We tried every competitor and came to the result that viewneo is the easiest digital signage software to use. We like that we can design externally and the all inclusive per stick price works for us.