Get the digital signage future now to interact with everything

Interact and control

Beyond the screens

Advertising for experience. Manage things outside the screens and synchronize electronic devices with digital content.

Interact with people. Measure movements or distances and let the content respond.

Third party services. Use IFTTT or Thingspeak and other platforms to further expand your possibilities.

Plug and play

The Butler

is the bridge between digital signage and the surrounding environment. It enables wireless communication between the digital and the real world. The hub communicates with the web using wifi or cable. Signals from sensors to actuators are networking via ZigBee, an IEEE 802.15.4-based specification of high-level communication protocols. Every ZigBee device (sensor or power socket) expands the radio range.


Actuators and sensors

The viewneo Butler extensions

Combine your Butler with the following modules


Ultrasonic sensor

Measure distance

Infrared sensor

Detect movement

NFC pad

Connect with mobile devices

Wireless sockets

Control every electrical appliance


Manage the Butler

Connection to viewneo cloud

The viewneo butler is easily connected to the cloud. Display specific content when a specific event occurs. A sensor detects events (movement or distances) and reports this to the cloud via the butler.
To switch an electrical appliance (for example a lamp) in sync with the content (turn on/off) you can use ZigBee radio power sockets.

You can use IFTTT (If-This-Than-That) to connect external events (e.g. weather) with your butler to do something if something happens.

Create your own measurement center for the sensors with external platforms to count movements in front of the screen or user interactions. Use Thingspeak, the open data platform, for the Internet of Things to get diagrams and reports.

Use case

Content-Driven Events / Event-Driven Content

A stele in entrance areas can be useful for presenting an overview of  goods and services. What if there is no customer in front? Time for playing commercials or mood content instead.

Event-Driven Content

Event Driven Content

Someone approaches the screen (detect by ultrasonic sensor) or someone passes by (detect by IR-sensor). The digital signage player react with a content change.

Content-Driven Events

Content Driven Events

Every time the screen is displaying a commercial the LED spot is highlighting the product.

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