viewneo Butler

Turns Shopping into an Extraordinary Experience

viewneo Butler is filling the gap between your screens and whatever is happening in the near surrounding. By combining Digital Signage and Internet of Things you are now able to create unique customer experiences.

The new viewneo Butler

viewneo Butler

Unique. Smart. Simple.

viewneo Butler makes Digital Signage come alive and forms the wireless link between your screen and its surrounding. In combination with actuators and sensors motions can be detected, distances can be measured, or devices from the analog world can be controlled. You define incidents and the Butler ensures that the components react to that in the proper way.

Motion Sensors 

Measure Customer Behavior Effortless

In the window of your travel agency you see stunning shots of California running on a screen. As customers step up to the window the content of your playlist changes immediately and a suitable offer is being displayed. The motion sensors recognize a change in front of the screen and switch to the predefined content. This way your playlist responds to the surrounding and ensures a maximum advertising effectiveness.

Radio Plugs 

Control the Analogue Environment

Radio plugs can be synchronized with your content. If a customer watches a product video, special lights will go on simultaneously to create a fantastic product presentation theme. Once the playlist shows a new item the radio plugs will respond and another theme comes up by activating a different set of lamps. Use the viewneo Butler to turn your sales area into a glamorous show room.

Unlimited Opportunities

Thanks to Open Interfaces

The Internet of Things as well as interfaces towards IFTTT, ThingSpeak, or other platforms provide unlimited opportunities for interactive applications. This way your content responds to incidents in real-time. The temperature rises above a predefined hight only cabriolet commercials will be seen on the displays owned by the car rental. If temperature drops below a certain level the content will change to winter check up or all-season tires.

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viewneo Butler

Three Steps to the Goal

1. Create a Scene

Use the Butlers CMS to add any device like radio plugs, or light systems (Phillips Hue) by organizing groups. Afterwards you are able to create scenes to set up extraordinary pleasant lightning or further incidents.

2. Link up with viewneo

The Butler plug-in enables the communication between the Butler and your Digital Signage Player. Created scenes can be embedded into your playlists to synchronize them with your content.

3. Here we go!

Now the connection between digital and real world has been set. As soon as the screen displays the right content the predefined scene will start and the Hue lights will turn your sale space into an intelligent show room.

Features of the viewneo Butler

Reaction and Interaction


Actuators and Sensors

viewneo Butler Extension Moduls

Combine viewneo Butler with the following add ons:

Motion  Sensor

Detects movements.

Radio Plugs

Controls power supply.


Ultrasound Sensor

Measures distances.


Connects mobile devices.

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