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$ 400

Per Month

Unlimited flexibility

viewneo Enterprise

$ 3,500

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Your own business model

Our Software: Your Business

viewneo Cloud White Label

You offer service to your customers in the field of Digital Signage or you already use viewneo confidently? Customer-orientated service and commercializing your offers in a professional and efficient way are very important to you? By using viewneo Enterprise you and your customers alike benefit from a software platform that is designed to cover your needs. Besides, you will profit from the ongoing development of our software without the risks that come along with an in-house development which cost you time and resources.

And the best part: Enterprise Solution allows you to adapt your corporate design onto viewneo’s user interface. This ensures trust and gives your company a distinctly professional air. viewneo Enterprise Solution also comes with a customized URL for your Content Management System.

Because we ask ourselves: Why should user experience end using your software?

viewneo Business


viewneo Enterprise


Maximizing Scalability and Flexibility

One Account, Several Users: User Administration the Easy Way

Using viewneo Enterprise Solution you receive a special user and authorization system. This way you will be able to scale the software in every detail. A higher flexibility according to the authorization system simplifies parallel administration and control of several sub-accounts. As a result the software’s usability will gain – a feature that especially addresses reseller, large companies with many branches, as well as franchisees.

Depending on your purchase (viewneo Business / viewneo Enterprise) you will get a certain number of sub-accounts. Regardless of your first purchase, you are able to buy more sub-accounts anytime you like.

viewneo Business

 5 Sub-Accounts

viewneo Enterprise

100 Sub-Accounts

Open Interface, Unlimited Possibilities

Easy Access Thanks to the API-Key

You want to use viewneo with a 3rd party program? No matter if you like to tie an existing booking or ERP system to viewneo: modular extensions of the interface don’t cause any problems, thanks to the API-Key.

viewneo Business


viewneo Enterprise


Our Service: Your Customized Solution

Individual Third Level Support

You have specific claims? You will be supported by your own contact person, so that your problem will be solved as soon as possible. By using viewneo Enterprise individual preferences like extensions of the interface or plug-ins can be realized by us. Our team of programmers and IT-specialists provides a smooth implementation as well as a seamless integration.

viewneo Business

Not included

viewneo Enterprise


Hardware with Customized Design

viewneo 4K SignageBox

A Digital Signage player with your own logo. Now you are able to distribute not only the viewneo Content Management System but also the needed hardware using your brand.

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