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Digital Signage with Android and iOS Devices


Digital Signage on Mobile Devices

Using Android and iOS

Mobile Android (market share of 74%) and iOS (market share of 17%) platforms are leading operating systems in mobile.

Mobile Android (market share of 74%) and iOS (market share of 17%) platforms are the leading operating systems in mobile. Lean and adaptable systems (especially Android) provide just the right foundation for digital signage systems and solutions. In combination with the viewneo Player App, that yields an ideal digital signage device.

viewneo Player App

A Versatile Solution for Professional

The viewneo Player App is available in the Google Playstore for almost any Android device from version 4.2 and in the iTunes App Store for all iOS devices from version 8.4. The initial setup only takes a few steps to get you up and running faster.

quick installation due to availability in Playstore & App Store
works with most of the specific platform devices
for free: get the viewneo Player App free of charge for Android and iOS



Wide Availability for Any Kind of Application

Using the viewneo Player App on Android devices allows for a wide range of several devices to be available, which is a major plus. That way, you can utilize the viewneo Player App with tablets and mini PCs for various applications. Such as smaller ones in entrance areas, e.g. at receptions, or large-sized video wall applications in shopping malls.

various devices for several applications
very cost-effective: license-free open source system


Well-tuned Hard- and Software Guarantee Best Performance Standards

The viewneo Player App excels with a great performance on Apple devices because of really well-tuned hardware (iPad or iPhone) and software (iOS) technologies. It allows smooth playback of different contents like images, videos and more. An ideal solution for smaller applications like digital menu boards in bars.

extremely powerful tablets (iPad Air & iPad Pro) for smaller applications
perfectly matched hardware and software

Functionality and Versatility

Kiosk Mode, Social Media, and Much More

 viewneo Player App for Androidviewneo Player App for iOS
resolutionup to 3840 x 2160 (UHD)up to 2732 x 2048 (iPad Pro)
Kiosk modeintegratedvia guided access
automatic playlist updateyesyes
playback formatsvideos, images, documents (PDF, PowerPoint, Word), websites and social media (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook)videos, images, documents (PDF, PowerPoint, Word), websites and social media (Youtube, Twitter, Facebook)
additional features due to system rights yes (autostart of app, restart of device from CMS and automatic app update)no

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