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All eyes are on Rio de Janeiro. And on your screens.

Latest news around the 2016 Olympics for your playlists

Medal table and results

Which country was able to get the most medals? Who might win the Olympic gold rush in the end? And which countries are fighting for silver and bronze? Let your digital signage answer all these questions by displaying relevant medal tables as well as the latest results of each discipline.

Rio 2016 in pictures

Whether 100 meters of breaststroke, exciting handball moments or dynamic athletics duels: the 2016 Olympics mean joy, tears, passion, victories and also defeats. Rio de Janeiro is a synonyme for emotions. And with colorful pictures of the day you can also bring pieces of sports history on your screens.

Rio 2016 short facts

Did you know that 28 000 security guards are currently working to ensure safety at Rio 2016? Or that the expenses for the planning, organization and realization of the biggest sport event totaled around 115 billion USD? With the category ‘Rio by Numbers’ you entertain your audience with thrilling facts all around the tournament.

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