The viewneo Signage Stick
– Digital Signage Player

Plug-in and Advertise. Easy to Use Digital Signage Stick.

viewneo digital signage stick

HD Media Signage Player

Barely bigger than a lighter, but the stick is a fully functional digital signage Media-Player for smooth HD reproduction of image and audio content. It suits every HDMI input, so that the Player can be used with any modern monitor, display or TV-screen.

HD / 1080p video and HQ audio reproduction
small dimensions and power consumption (max. 2.5 Watt)
just a few steps until ready for use
update of content via internet
controllable from everywhere

Economical Signage Player Android 

The viewneo Signage Sick only consumes very little power. The maximum usage of 2.5 Watt – which is hardly more than the usage of a bike lamp – and the free license for the operating system (Android) make this Player more than affordable. Because of the small dimensions, the stick can easily be hidden behind every screen.

Power Consumption

viewneo Signage Stick


Common Digital Signage Players


Common PC


Small, Strong and Silent

In spite of the size, the stick contains a full mini-computer with a Quad-Core Processor, which provides enough CPU-power to reproduce HD-content smoothly. Basically the Quad-Core Processor makes the digital signage player to be in title to benefit from the grate performance increase.

High-performance Quad-Core Processor (4 x 1.6 GHz)
Quad Core Mali400 graphics processor, supports 1080P (native 720p)
2GB DDR3 RAM, 8GB internal memory (micro SD), expandable up to 32GB
Wifi integrated


Common Android Stick

viewneo Signage Stick

viewneo digital signage stick

Android Signage Player with Android from version 4.2 onwards are compatible with viewneo.


Digital signage player software is pre-installed and starts with a setup wizard at the first use.


viewneo starts again automatically after a power blackout or similar occasions. Because of this function there is no need to start the viewneo app via mouse or keypad after the Stick has been restarted.

Automatic Updates

Updates will run automatically, as the stick is a cloud signage player, and a user access is not required. The digital signage software is always up to date.

Without Google Play Store Account

A user account for the Google Play Store is not necessary with this function. All digital signage software updates run automatically without a user account.

Advanced networking features

In case of network problems, Android sometimes deactivates the “WI-FI” option. A mouse and keypad need to be connected with the Stick to reactivate this option usually, but the advanced network features take care of this in the background.

Time schedules

This feature enables the Stick to set times to switch attached monitors on or off with a Standby mode. The Standby mode is not supported by all monitors.

Restart via internet

viewneo’s Content Managment System has a feature to restart a digital signage Stick from a distance in case of occuring problems.


Stick and TV Device

Plug the Signage Stick in the HDMI input of the monitor and connect it with the power supply.

viewneo Content Management

The viewneo Signage Stick is managed via the internet. Therefore a user account is required. Please register here. Not only files like images and videos can be uploaded with the viewneo Content Management System, but also office documents and PDF files.

Create Playlist

Simply use the mouse to drag the uploaded media files into the playlist and create the program, which shall be displayed with the digital signage player.

Technical Specifications

Data Sheet viewneo Signage Stick

OSGoogle Android 4.2.2
CPURockchips 3188 Quad-Core 4 x 1,6 GHz
GraphicQuad Core Mali400, supports 1080P (1920 * 1080), (2048 x 1536) through DVI AdapterIN/OUT
ROMStorage Extension: Graphic: 8G micro SD (part of card is reserved for the operation system) Micro-SD-Card up to 32GB
Network802.11b/g/n mit internem W-LAN, Bluetooth, LAN über Kabel mit optionalem RJ45 Adapter (USB to RJ45)
Connection1 x USB 2.0 Host
1 X HDMI 1.3 output
1 x Micro-SD
1 X power supply for Europe (micro USB)
1X OTG (micro USB)
Power Consumtpionmax. 2.5W, 5V/500mA (über mitgeliefertes Netzteil oder per USB - Stromversorgung)
Dimensions 90mm x 40mm x 10mm

Need Further Information?

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