The History of viewneo

The story so far ...

2008 | The Beginning

First Steps

Adversign Media was founded in Hannover in 2008. It all started with a simple meeting between Albert Roelen, Mandred Lüdtke and others at the "Euroshop", where an idea was born.

The idea started simply, figure out a way to equip shopping centers with Digital Advertising. Soon after, Garbsen Shopping Center, near Hannover became the first Adversign Media GmbH client.

2010 | The Move

From Hannover to Düsseldorf

Branching out on their own, Albert and Manfred decided to move the company headquarters to Düsseldorf. To help facilitate this move, the company expanded to six employees.

Düsseldorf, is a regional capital with its 600,000 inhabitants. It offered an opportunity for a young company to grow and expand access to international markets.

2011 | contboxx

The next Step

contboxx represented Adversign’s expansion into providing content for Digital Signage. The contboxx platform was the first online shop that allowed customers to choose from 160 different types of content, across the whole spectrum of Information and Entertainment.

contboxx acted as an interface between the German press agency (dpa) and the operators of Digital Signage installations.

2013 | Digital Signage Software

Branching Out with viewneo

After gaining experience in the world of Digital Signage, 2013 represented the year that Adversign developed their own Digital Signage Solution, viewneo. Having seen first-hand how complex and difficult to use, most Digital Signage software was, the team focused on making a product that is easy to use by everyone. Digital Signage for the people.

2014 | Innovation Winners

viewneo Hits the Ground Running

Adversign already knew that they were making waves, when contboxx placed in the Top 20 new innovations in Germany in 2012. But they were overjoyed to see viewneo crowned the winner in the “Industrial Software” category in 2014. viewneo successfully beat out over 5,000 competitors for the top prize.

2017 | Here and Now

Always Innovating

Over the years, Adversign has emerged as a specialist in the Digital Signage world. We are constantly developing new improvements in the hardware and software fields, to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s global businesses.

Keep an eye out for new products, headed your way.

2017 | Team viewneo

Colorful Family with Character

In the past few years, viewneo has grown from four to 30 employees and shows no signs of stopping. We are a diverse group of people from all over the world, who come together to create the best Digital Signage solutions on the market.

At Adversign you can find: Software Developers, Web Designers, (Motion) Graphic Designers, Sales and Marketing Departments.

2017 | The Network

Building a Digital Signage Network

To date, we have developed a connected, network of partners to help us meet the needs of our customers.

Our goal is to ensure great, thorough customer service from the first interaction. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with support and advice throughout the decision-making process.

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