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Today’s digital signage needs to meet a wide range of requirements. It needs to be simple enough for small businesses just getting started but powerful enough to deliver for large worldwide companies. Given the additional time and expense associated with switching to a different software solution, it’s critical that you find digital signage that’s adaptable.

For this reason, viewneo is designed with a modular structure. This offers beginners a lean and inexpensive system. As you demand more of the system, viewneo Plugins are there to help expand the functionality of your digital signage. So you can start basic and grow into a complex, multinational digital signage network with extensions providing analytics and sensor-controlled events.

This modularity means investment security. You can rest assured that viewneo is always looking for new and innovative extensions that you might not need today, but will be ready when you need them in the future.

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Fully Functional Basic Version

Expandable with Plugins

from jpeg to video to powerpoint

All Formats

pixabay integration

2 Million Photos and Videos

More than 200

Template Designs

Design once, reusable



Social Media

Display online content


Very easy setup

Interactive Kiosk

Easy connection

Online Shops

Cloud-based Digital Signage Software

With an Intuitive CMS

viewneo Digital Signage Content Management System / Easy to use online content designer
viewneo Digital Signage Content Management System / Easy to use online content designer
viewneo Digital Signage Content Management System / Easy to use online content designer
viewneo Digital Signage Content Management System / Easy to use online content designer

From classic digital signage to sensor-based customer experience installations. With only a few clicks you are able to integrate all extentions in the content management system. Individualize viewneo toward your needs.

The digital signage management system

With viewneo everything is safely stored in the cloud. You only need a browser to control all of the content, players, and playlists in your user account. In the award-winning CMS from viewneo you will find everything you need to get started quickly, from the media database, device control, playlist control to user management.

Upload and organize media content like videos and images in almost all formats. This allows the content to be stored centrally and based on user permissions permits colleagues and others to have access.

Create content

By using the integrated designer, screen messages can be created directly in the CMS. From digital menu boards to corporate communication, it’s all possible with viewneo. If you want to add movement to your messages, this can be done with just a couple of mouse clicks with the many animation templates. If you can use PowerPoint, you can also use viewneo!

Control devices

The CMS is also the place where you can organize and control your players and monitors. They can be switched on or off with an integrated timer, live ticker, and personalized logo can also be easily integrated. Additionally, organizing your playlists and player groups, means thousands of screens can get new content with just one click.

Plan and automate content

By scheduling time and calendar-controlled content in conjunction with nesting playlists, content can be planned and automated to save you time. Dynamic content, such as weather, news, quizzes, and other target group relevant content can also be controlled through the CMS. If you need additional functionality, additional plugins can be purchased directly in the CMS.

If you need assistance with using viewneo, there is a wide variety of video tutorials and detailed documentation at On YouTube we are constantly expanding our viewneo channel with new tutorials, products, and use cases.

Easily expandable to fit your preferences

No programming knowledge needed thanks to Zapier

If you require very specialized functionality, then the integration of Zapier with viewneo is the right choice for you. With Zapier, you can automate processes and link viewneo with over 2000 apps. Want to display specific content when an email arrives or there is a change in the weather? Or provide an update whenever an appointment is added in Google Calendar or get a jump start when a large order is placed in your store? With viewneo and Zapier together, the possibilities are endless. All without requiring any additional programming knowledge.

Three-section representation of how to use zapier

Connect to third-party systems

With the viewneo API

viewneo has a comprehensive API that lets you use a programming interface to make changes in the programming. This allows viewneo digital signage content management to be linked with third-party systems, such as cash register software, calendars, or ERP systems. With the API plugin from viewneo you have full access to all of the interface functions.

This allows you to maximize the benefits of your digital signage system. Processes and functions are easily automated, saving you time and money.

Plug & Play Hardware from viewneo

From digital signage players to RFID sensors

One of viewneo’s greatest strengths is the wide range of available hardware solutions. Everything is designed to work together and be easily controlled through the software. Digital signage players can be connected to the CMS in a few simple steps using an app. Because both the hardware and software come from viewneo.

If you are looking to expand your digital signage, our constantly growing range of sensors and IoT modules can help you build an interactive showroom, a multimedia museum or an interactive smart store.

RFID and Sensor Hardware

viewneo Reports and Analytics

Collect, analyze, and use your data

By using an optional viewneo reports plugin, data from players, cameras, or other sensor-related data is recorded and analyzed. No need to install and manage third-party systems. Simply select the plugin directly in the CMS and book a subscription. This is how simple digital analytics works in 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

viewneo can test for free and without obligation for 30 days - including all optional features and plugins. You can create a free test account at the following link:Register

A license in the professional account costs $18 per month/per player or $180 per year/per player. You can find information on the models and priceshere.

Yes, it is possible. The first step is to cancel the existing subscription. After the subscription has been cancelled a new subscription can be started with a changed payment interval. By doing it in this order, it helps to ensure that no player or account data is lost during the process.

viewneo plugins extend the content management system with additional functions. They can be added to your account at any time, depending on your needs.

One player is required for each screen and each player requires a license. A player can also be connected to several monitors via an HDMI splitter and corresponding HDMI cable, in which case a license is required. However, content can then only be displayed synchronously on all screens. However since you only have one license, you will not have the ability to play different content on each screen. If you wish to this, then you will need 5 licenses.

With our cloud-based solution it is possible to access your account from anywhere. So, you aren't tied to a specific location. The only thing you need is an Internet connection.

Both the player side and the browser-based viewneo system are operating system independent. However, if you want to use third-party hardware, you should check with us first, because not all functions are fully supported on third-party systems.

Only one superuser can be stored in each account. However, this is interchangeable so that the super user role can be changed over time.

You can store as many users as you like in your account. You also have the option of assigning different permissions to your users.

You can log into your account with any browser. Please note that if you are using Internet Explorer, it should be version 11 or later.

The viewneo subscription can be canceled at any time in the account under “Subscription settings”. Your viewneo subscription will still be available to use through the end of the subscription period.

viewneo in Action

From classic digital signage on screens or LED walls or for other applications such as calendar-based room assignments or sensor-controlled smart store signage: viewneo avoids the problem of trying to make individual solutions work together. Instead viewneo is a central management system designed to easily expand to a multi-client system operating on a global scale.

Information displays
Classical Digital Signage

Information displays

Advertising monitors
Ad Screens

Advertising monitors

Interactive monitors
Touch Screens

Interactive monitors

Corporate TV
Company communication

Corporate TV

Digital Room Signage
Room Signage

Digital Room Signage

Sensor controlled digital content
Digital Smart Store

Sensor controlled digital content

Guidance system
Interactive maps

Guidance system

Custom solutions
Craft Beer Monitor

Custom solutions

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