Face Recognition and Data Collection
with the viewneo FR-Cam

For more efficient and targeted communication

The viewneo FR-Cam measures information about people located in the front of the screen. This information is used by the CMS as a trigger to play targeted group-specific content.

Provide a personalized approach

With Artificial Intelligence

A digital stele

As assistance for the department store visit

For example, a welcome screen with floor plan is designed to appeal to all customer groups by providing a welcoming overview.

A digital stele As assistance for the department store visit

A smart wayfinding system

Based on demographic metadata

When a visitor steps closer to the stele, age and gender are recorded and evaluated in real-time. Based on this data, individualized content can be displayed for an even more personalized experience.

A smart wayfinding system Based on demographic metadata
Get demographic data

Automatically measured


Gather everthing with one look

Full HD camera

High-resolution cameraUltra wide-angle lensMore than 3 meters range


Data security

The FR-Cam measures faces and transforms the data into demographic information in real-timeNo storage or transmission of image data

The viewneo FR-Cam makes face recognition easy

Targeted information and advertising - with maximum security

By combining a camera and a separate AI module, data such as age and gender can be measured and evaluated in real-time.

The unique feature is the external AI module, which ensures maximum data security. This is because all image information is evaluated directly in the module without requiring any image transfers. This allows the visitor to get customized content without the need to transfer sensitive data. At the same time, the collected information is automatically provided in a dashboard, which displays an analysis, such as the average age and gender characteristics of your visitors.


Digital Customer Experience

1. Measure Visitors

1. Measure Visitors

The FR-Cam detects when someone steps in front of the screen and creates real-time demographic profiles based on age and gender. As a result, gender or age-specific content can be displayed.

2. Collect + Evaluate

2. Collect + Evaluate

The created profiles are saved in the CMS. Additionally, it is also presented in a real-time dashboard to help make data-driven decisions.

3. Dynamic Content

3. Dynamic Content

The age and gender of the audience can be used to display predefined content. This helps to ensure that the viewer sees content which is relevant for them.

4. Measure Interactions

4. Measure Interactions

With the Analytics Plugin, any interactions which occur on a touch screen can be measured. This makes it easy to determine which products are being viewed most frequently.

5. Optimize Content

5. Optimize Content

The results from the data analysis can be used to adapt the content to the type of visitors and their product preferences.

Learn more about your customers

Measure data with the FR-Cam and viewneo Analytics

Visual Merchandising

For optimized product presentation

The viewneo Butler is the perfect complement to the viewneo FR-Cam. It allows peripheral devices, such as sensors and actuators to be integrated into the interactive network, to create even more impressive customer experiences.


A physical connection from the camera to the screen is not needed. The camera is connected to the AI module via USB.

No, the FR-Cam does not require a paid license.

A requirement for using the FR-Cam is a LAN connection and a power source where the FR-Cam is to be installed. Please note that LAN cables are not included.

The FR-Cam can only be connected via Lan (RJ45 cable). A wireless connection to the Internet is not possible.

Based on the data that the AI module evaluates, suitable content can be displayed for the person in front of the screen via the viewneo 4K Signage Box. In theory, only the data of the people can be collected without another action happening on a screen. In this case, a viewneo 4K signage box is not necessary. However, at a minumum an active player license in the account where the FR-Cam is activated is required.

Demographic data of people: Number of people, characteristics of a person (e.g. beard wearer / glasses wearer ...), animals, products and product labels, objects, directions of travel

No, no further plugins are required. After activating the Fr-Cam in the CMS, additional functions are available in the event area.

Since the FR-Cam only evaluates the data of the persons recorded locally on the AI module and does not save data, it is GDPR-compliant. Furthermore, only metrics of the faces are recorded.