viewneo Butler

Digital Content Linked to the Real World

The viewneo Butler connects digital signage with the real environment. It’s perfect for smart retail, museums, or wherever you are looking for content displayed on the screen should interact with its surroundings.

Hub for the World of Digital Signage Experiences

Recognize and react to events in real-time

The viewneo Butler connects digital signage content with the real world. Digital content and the environment have never interacted like this before. When a person approached a monitor, this action can be detected by a motion sensor. The monitor receives the signal and changes the content being displayed. At the same time, a suitable product is illuminated using an LED light. By connecting external IoT sensors, smart buttons, and smart sockets, digital content can be adapted based on events in front of and around the display. The viewneo Butler acts as an IoT gateway and connects the external devices (sensors, switches) with the viewneo content management system. The result is product presentations that are sure to impress your visitors.

The viewneo Butler is able to connect a wide variety of smart devices. Many devices from popular brands, such as Philips, Osram, and Xiaomi are compatible with viewneo.

IoT Gateway

The Butler Sets the Stage for Real Products

Experience the interactive Smart Store Simulator now

If something special is to be shown on a display when a customer picks up a product, special functions are required. The viewneo Butler receives signals from the sensors and then switches on lamps that illuminate and stage the products, while additional information is displayed on the monitor. Try it out for yourself.

Smart store wall with integrated sensor technology

Example from a Smart Store

Using an iPad to control the lighting

A customer walks up to a tablet where there are a series of questions for them to answer. They respond with what type of music they like, the type of headphones they prefer, whether they travel, and their budget. All relatively standard questions that a salesperson would ask.

The recommended headphones are displayed on the screen as well as illuminated with lights. Now the customer gets an opportunity to try on and feel the headphones. How is the sound? Are they comfortable? All experiences that you can’t have online. That’s the strength of retail.

iPad with touch content in front of product wall with headphones

Share Important Information on a Larger Screen

Another option is to use a larger screen nearby to display more detailed information on the product. For example, what are the key features? What is the battery life? Now you can combine the rational elements of the buying decision into the process along with the emotional elements of getting to experience the product.

Additionally, it’s possible to share this information as audio to the customer, depending on your business needs. The interaction of viewneo digital signage, the Butler hub, and smart devices help to make it all possible.

Product shelf with large screens that display information about the products

Frequently Asked Questions

The radio range to the Butler depends on the spatial structure of the building and, depending on the nature, is up to 200 meters.

The viewneo Butler can be connected to a variety of different smart home or smart building devices that are equipped with Zigbee technology. Up to 30 devices/sensors can be connected to the Butler at the same time.

After the viewneo Butler has been added to the viewneo CMS, additional functions are automatically available in the event area. Additional plugins are not necessary.

Different sensors can be obtained from viewneo:

  • Sockets
  • Motion sensors
  • Weight sensors We're able to design a solution to meet your specific needs. Please reach out to us for more information.

The viewneo butler serves as an iOT hub that can connect to a thousand different zigbee-based devices:

  • Lamps (e.g. Ikea, Osram, HUE)
  • Sockets
  • Motion sensors
  • and much more