Overall because it works!

5 reasons to choose viewneo

1. Quick and easy entry into digital signage

Set up your first screen in 5 minutes.

With viewneo, you can get started with your digital signage project in practically no time at all. There is no complex software and an intuitive system means less time learning and more time doing. Starter packages have everything you need to set up and run your own TV channel. viewneo is available for all operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

Screen with drinks menu in front of a digital signage player

2. viewneo grows with you

Solutions for small businesses and worldwide corporations

viewneo is the go-to digital signage solution for small and large businesses worldwide. The modular design allows you to choose which components are right for your business. It’s easy to mix and match functionalities and you only pay for those features that you use. Additionally, this structure also makes it easy to centrally control and manage even the most complex projects.

A world map with several connecting lines between the countries

3. viewneo Sensors

The only digital signage system with sensor hardware

When designing a Smart Store or creating impressive multimedia presentations in museums, conventional digital signage shows its limitations. Which means having to use third-party systems, which are complicated and expensive. viewneo offers a solution with our unique sensors and IoT gateways. With everything from smart hangers, RFID, and facial recognition systems, viewneo is the only company that offers a complete solution: hardware and software working together seamlessly.

viewneo modules for interactive PoS solutions

4. Digital signage with artificial intelligence

AI camera allows personalization

Align your content with your visitors. The viewneo FR-Cam module allows you to detect the type of viewers you have, so you know if there are more adults or children, or more men or women in front of your screens. Automatic triggers let you adjust the content to match the audience. Only viewneo has a fully integrated system that simplifies AI and makes it accessible to everyone.

A woman's face recognized by an AI. Behind it is a screen that shows matching women's shoes.

5. Big Data and Analytics

Let the data speak for itself

viewneo makes it possible to save, display, and evaluate data in a simple to understand dashboard that is compliant with data regulations. There is no need to connect with external providers, viewneo lets you use your own data to optimize your operations. The possibilities are unlimited and make data-based PoS marketing possible. An in-house plugin adds this feature and in just a few minutes gives you access to audience tracking and big data analytics. Combined with viewneo’s own hardware, such as sensors and AI cameras, it’s a powerful tool for the latest version of the Smart Store.

Dashboard on which various data on visitor interactions are displayed
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