Digital Signage with the 4K SignageBox

Discover New Possibilities

Not a normal digital signage player

Extensive functionality

  • With viewneo ScreenSync for installations up to 16K resolution.
  • Smart Playlist compatible: control content based on different triggers.
  • Player Reports: insightful key figures about the performance of the player.
  • Smart Store Ready: Fantastic interactive shopping and experience worldscan be created by using viewneo Smart Store technologies.
  • viewneo Butler IoT Gateway compatible: Use content to turn Philips Hue lamps on / off or motion activation when visitors are present.
Digital Signage Player

A media player that responds to events

Experience how interactivity looks with the Smart Store Simulator

In order to enable content to change when a person enters a room or when a product is picked up, additional functionality is required. The 4K SingageBox is able to react to events and is fully compatible with the viewneo Smart Playlist.

Smart store wall with integrated technology

Silent even when operated continuously

Fanless cooling for 24/7 playback

Thanks to the aluminum housing design, the 4K SignageBox does use a fan, which ensures silent cooling. The inside remains dust-free which ensures a maintenance-free and stable 24/7 operation. This allows the player to function in even harsh environments.

The SignageBox can be used with an Ethernet or WiFi internet connection. An external antenna helps to increase the range of the usable WiFi connection. The player stores all playback files locally in its internal memory, ensuing uninterrupted playback in the event the internet connection is lost.

viewneo Digital Signage Player with remote control

Made for viewneo

Full support of all functions

Since the player comes directly from viewneo, it is fully integrated with the viewneo content management system. No other player supports all of the options that the 4K SignageBox offers. The 4K SignageBox is a versatile solution able to support a simple single-screen installation or a video wall with picture-in-picture livestream.

  • Time-control when it turns on and off with the CMS
  • Screen Sync ready
  • Easy installation with optional wall bracket
  • Automatic software updates with no additional maintenance required
Waiting area with a 2x2 video wall on the wall

Sharp Display up to 4K

Fast CPU and graphics

Create emotions with strong colors and vivid images.

Whether you are using a conventional flat screen or a video wall: images from HD to 4K/UHD with the viewneo 4K SingageBox are sure to be an eye-catcher.

Equipped with a powerful octa-core processor and a high-performance GPU ensures smooth playback of high-resolution videos and animations.

Pizza advertising screen and digital signage player in front of it

From one screen to thousands

The 4K SignageBox also supports viewneo ScreenSync, which allows several players to be combined to create a video band or video wall. All without using ballasts or splitters. Each monitor in the video retains its full 4K/Ultra HD resolution and 4 normal Ultra HD screens become a 16K video wall.

You can get inspiration on the multiscreen page, as well as examples from the classic single-screen installation to the 16K video wall with an artistic create monitor arrangement.

4K SignageBox in comparison

Commonly used digital signage players with viewneo

Digital signage screen

Amazon Fire TV

$ 30

* see price on Amazon
  • Rotation of the screen (landscape/portrait)
  • Auto start after powered-off
  • WiFi
  • Ethernet
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • 4K / UHD
  • Liveticker
  • Setup via smartphone
  • Display Timer
  • ScreenSync
  • Multiframe
  • Preinstalled with viewneo

viewneo 4K SignageBoxMost popular player

$ 240

US Dollar
  • Rotation of the screen (landscape/portrait)
  • Auto start after powered-off
  • WiFi
  • Ethernet
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • 4K / UHD
  • Liveticker
  • Setup via smartphone
  • Display Timer
  • ScreenSync
  • Multiframe
  • Preinstalled with viewneo

Qbic BXP-300 with viewneo App

$ 480

US Dollar
  • Rotation of the screen (landscape/portrait)
  • Auto start after powered-off
  • WiFi
  • Ethernet
  • Full HD (1080p)
  • 4K / UHD
  • Liveticker
  • Setup via smartphone
  • Display Timer
  • ScreenSync
  • Multiframe
  • Preinstalled with viewneo

24 Months. Guaranteed.

No negative surprises.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your decision for viewneo. Our guarantee protects you from annoying hardware defects within the first year after purchase. A player fails? You decide if you would like your money back or a quick replacement.

Seal of approval for a 24-month guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

The screen should have the best possible HDMI connection. Our viewneo 4K Signage Box is delivered with an HDMI cable and the corresponding cable to connect to an external power supply. The viewneo 4K Signage Box can be connected to the Internet either via WiFi or Lan. A Lan cable is not included.

Our players can automatically restart after a power failure and play the contents of the playlist. There is no manual action directly on the player. The players are specially developed for this case and do not lose any performance due to power failures.

Depending on how exactly the content should be displayed on the screens, there are different ways to use our viewneo 4K SignageBox.

  1. Synchronous content on all screens: Then it is possible to distribute the video signal from just one player to the screens via an HDMI splitter. Depending on the distances between the screens, the video signal can/must be Broadcaster and receiver are distributed. Please note in this case there will be additional costs to support this configuration. In this case, the basis for the calculation of the licenses is a viewneo 4K SignageBox.
  2. Different content on the screens: In this case, each screen needs its own viewneo 4K SignageBox.

Basically yes, but viewneo offers a simple alternative that can be set directly in the CMS. With the help of our display timer plugin it is possible to determine when the player should switch on and off and thus the screen switches to standby mode. You can get more information here

Yes. A video wall can be operated with our viewneo 4K signage box. A single player can optionally be used and the video signal can be distributed to the individual monitors using a video wall controller. Alternatively, previously developed video wall monitors can be used, which have special functions (daisy chain) and can process the video signal of the viewneo 4K Signage Box accordingly. Furthermore, a video wall can also be implemented with our viewneo ScreenSync plugin. Each individual monitor of the video wall is connected to a viewneo 4K signage box. It has the great advantage that each individual monitor can also display the maximum resolution. The following functions can be covered with the ScreenSync plugin:

  • Video Wall function: content stretched across all screens
  • Synced content that appears on all screens
  • Different content on the screens used

It is possible to distribute the video signal from just one player to the screens via an HDMI splitter. Depending on the distances between the screens, the video signal can / must be Broadcaster and receiver are distributed .. Synchronized content on several spatially separated screens can also be implemented via the Screen Sync Plugin.

A license is required for each player. If it is possible to connect a player to multiple monitors via an HDMI splitter, a license is also required and all content plays the same content. However, if different content is to be displayed, each monitor needs its own player and therefore each player needs a license.

In principle, standard screens and/or monitors can be used that have an HDMI input. However, the runtimes and exact uses of the screens should be taken into account, the usual or the so-called. Consumers cannot implement devices:

  • Terms of 16/7 or 24/7
  • Screens that should also be used in portrait format
  • special influences such as heat, cold, dust or sunlight
  • Brightness of the monitors
  • Guarantee periods of min. 3 years We generally recommend using screens in the digital signage area and to use the professional devices, which can also be obtained from viewneo.

Our box has a cold and heat resistance from -15 ° to 50 ° Celcius.

The player stores static content such as pictures or videos locally and plays them without an active internet connection. Dynamic content that requires a constant internet connection, ex. Internet pages, weather data, or other live content are skipped in the playlist and go to the next static content. The player will automatically reconnect to the Internet in the background as soon as it is available/accessible.

As a rule, the viewneo 4K signage box can easily be placed behind the screen, for example on the wall bracket. If this is not possible, we also offer a special wall bracket for the box. You can find them here in the Shop

Player updates are automatically played by the box from viewneo via the cloud. The operation of the box is not affected by updates and will continue to play the content. Content updates are determined in the CMS, via the update interval and adopted by the player.

The use of viewneo hardware guarantees 100% that all functions and features work smoothly. We also provide support for all viewneo hardware. External hardware may not be able to implement individual features and/or functions. Please note that additional support services for third-party players is limited.

We provide a 2-year guarantee on the viewneo 4K Signagebox from the date of purchase.

A remote control is already included with your purchase. This means that the viewneo 4K SignageBox can be easily set up and managed without additional accessories such as a mouse and keyboard. The remote control runs via infrared and must always be pointed towards the device in order to move the mouse pointer on the screen. You can find more details about the remote control here.

Unboxing the viewneo 4K SignageBox

Technical specifications

Package contents1 x 4K SignageBox 1 x AC adapter 1 x remote control 1 x HDMI-Kabel 1,5 m 1 x operation manual 2 x AAA Batterien
Weight0,5 kg
Dimensions119 x 119 x 23 mm (L x B x H)
CPURK3368 64bit Octa core Cortex A53
GPUHigh performance GPU, support OpenGL ES3.1,OpenCL 1.2 and DirectX 9.3
OSAndroid 5.1.1
LAN10/100 RJ45
WiFiEEE 802.11 a/b/g /n/ac
Memory RAMDDRIII 2 GByte
Interner Flash MemoryOnboard eMMC Flash 16 GByte
9 Ports3 x USB 2.0 1 x HDMI 2.0 1 x Micro SD 1 x Power supply for Europe (Micro USB) 1 x OTG (Micro USB) 1 x Digital Audio SPDIF (2.0CH, 7.1CH) 1 x RJ45 (Ethernet)