Terms and Conditions

Last update: 03/27/2018




The present Terms and Conditions form the legal basis for the relations between Adversign Media GmbH, Immermannstraße 12, 40210 Düsseldorf (“Adversign Media“) and you (“Customer“) with regard to the product viewneo. The central focus of the viewneo products is the digital signage software and thus the content management system (hereinafter referred to as "CMS") which bears the name "viewneo".


The Terms and Conditions apply only in respect of businesses. Adversign Media GmbH will not conclude any agreements pursuant to these Terms and Conditions with consumers as defined in Section 13 German Civil Code. Further information about contact de-tails and legal representatives of Adversign Media can be found in the imprint (Impressum).


Registration and Conclusion of the Agreement


The services provided on the website are merely an invitation to tender and not legally binding offers. By expressly ordering the service by the customer, the customer makes an offer to conclude a contract. The contract is concluded with the acceptance of the offer by Adversign Media. The order of the services requires an effective registration of the customer; the customer must therefore have a customer account.


Completing the registration form on the platform is mandatory for registering. All requested data shall be specified accurately and updated upon changes immediately.


The registration is confirmed by Adversign Media by email. To accomplish this, a key is sent (string as a link to click) to the specified email address. Only by clicking on the link inside the user is unlocked and finishes the registration process. If the link is not confirmed within four (4) weeks, the entered data will be deleted.


Adversign Media reserves the right to refuse registrations. Therefore there is no entitlement to the registration.


Description of Services, Subject of the Agreement


All services provided by Adversign Media in connection with the viewneo service are provided exclusively on the basis of these Terms and Conditions. The version valid on the date of the conclusion of the respective agreement is applicable.


Any provision that deviates from these Terms and Conditions, in particular any Terms and Conditions of the Customer, is only valid if confirmed in writing by Adversign Media.


Features of viewneo

viewneo offers various features to allow publishing of content on digital signage systems operated by the customer. Such content can either be own content of the Customer or content chosen by customers. The exact scope of the functions can be found on the website www.viewneo.com and its subpages.

a) Media Database

Adversign Media offers a media database as part of viewneo to store postings or drafts or parts thereof (e.g. texts, images or videos) (“Media-Database“). The Media-Database can be used to store content and files to be used in viewneo.

b) Availability via Internet

Adversign Media offers viewneo as an ASP solution. The Customer therefore has access via its log-in data to the software running on the Adversign Media server and providing the aforementioned functions; the Customer does not receive binaries that are to be installed locally or the source code of the solution. The use of viewneo requires internet access. The obligation to provide viewneo is fulfilled if the use of viewneo is available to the user for an annual (365 days) average of 98 % on the WWW-side output of the Adversign Media router. Impairments for which Adversign Media cannot be held responsible, in particular changes that the operator has made to the functionality of a service, or faults in transmission through the Internet, or faults in the Customer’s Internet connection, are not taken into account.


License Model

Within the framework of viewneo, Adversign Media exclusively offers a license model based on the amount of purchased or activated device licenses. The user can find out about the device licenses activated in their account after logging into the CMS. They are located under the Settings submenu in the “My subscriptions” overview. The calculation of the monthly or yearly invoice amounts is in accordance with the price model explained in point 6 of the General Terms and Conditions and is always dependent on the number of device licenses activated in the customer's account and the software or software extensions selected.


Licence and Copyright of Adversign Media Material


Right of use

The acquisition of rights is contingent on the respective type of Adversign Media material, as specified in this Sec. 4.


Right of use for images and texts

The User acquires a simple, fee-based right of use that is limited in time and subject-matter to texts and images. The User may use texts and images for temporary publication by way of reproduction. In this case, publication or electronic storage is limited to four weeks after delivery by Adversign. The User is not permitted to edit texts or images, nor may the right of use be transferred or sublicensed.


Right of use for video material

The acquisition of rights to video material differs depending on the presentation on the platform, as follows: In the case of a permanent transfer in exchange for a one-time payment, the User acquires a simple, fee-based right of use for the respective video material. This right of use is perpetual, i.e., it does not depend on the duration of this agreement. However, it is limited in terms of subject-matter. The User may use video material for publication indefinitely by way of playback. However, in the case of a recurring payment, the User acquires a simple, fee-based right of use for the respective video material. This right of use is limited to the duration of the agreement and is limited in terms of subject-matter. In any case, the User may only edit video material and transfer rights of use (i.e., transfer the acquired right of use on a one-time basis, thereby losing the right to use the video material) if Adversign Media expressly grants these rights for such video material in describing the same on the platform. By way of clarification, by transferring the right of use, the Customer can only transfer the right of use once and thus to a single third party. In any case, (multiple) sublicensing is prohibited.



The copyright to the entire Adversign Media material remains the property of Adversign Media or the third-party sources, in so far as such have been identified. Where no copyright notices are present, the User is obligated to display the copyright of Adversign Media or the respective third-party sources conspicuously in appropriate locations. Furthermore, the User must use its best efforts to protect the copyright of Adversign Media and/or the third-party sources from unauthorized use by third parties. Any use of the Adversign Media material for other purposes and/or in another manner is prohibited. In the event of unauthorized use, duplication, alteration, editing, reconfiguration, or transfer of the material and failure to observe the copyright notice, the User must release Adversign Media from any and all third-party claims resulting from the same. However, this will not affect the right of Adversign Media and/or any third parties to assert claims for damages.


Images and video material

If images and/or video material are used without the templates created by Adversign Media, the images and/or video material must be clearly and distinctly labelled with the copyright and/or agency notice “Photo: Adversign Media” for images and “Video: Adversign Media” for video material or with the agency notices duly included, in so far as copyright notices are not already present. As a rule, in the case of images and video material, only the simple right of use to the copyright is transferred. No representation is made that the holders of the rights to depicted works of fine or applied arts or the holders of trademarks and other proprietary rights have granted their consent to any public reproduction, in particular, for use in advertising. The User is responsible for obtaining the consent necessary in each individual case. In this respect, the User must hold Adversign Media harmless from third-party claims and, as between the User and Adversign Media, the User must bear all legal consequences of any violation of the law. Images and video material, particularly in which persons are identifiable, may only be used in conjunction with the accompanying text supplied by Adversign Media. Adversign Media material is not to be used in a manner that distorts or falsifies the original meaning. Any manipulation of images or video material that exceeds the normal amount of editing (clips, colour corrections, technical quality improvement), any use that contradicts the message inherent in the material, any falsification, and any use that may result in the disparagement of the persons depicted are prohibited, and the User is liable for damages resulting from any such use. Adversign Media assumes no liability in such cases. The use of fragments of Adversign Media messages is prohibited.


Contractual penalty

If the User uses Adversign Media material beyond the extent for which it is licensed, then the User is obligated to pay Adversign Media a contractual penalty for every business day of unauthorized use. This penalty is calculated as follows: (i) in the case of permanent transfer that has been made in exchange for a one-time payment, 0.25% of the one-time payment, or (ii) in the case of a recurring payment, 0.25% of 12 times the last monthly license payment due under the agreement. The total contractual penalty to be forfeited is not to exceed 5% of the purchase price or 5% of 12 times the monthly license payment due. Adversign Media has the right to claim the contractual penalty in addition to performance and as a minimum amount of the compensation owed by the User in accordance with law. The foregoing is without prejudice to Adversign Media’s right to assert any additional losses.

5Provision of the Content

Publishing with viewneo

The Customer may license Adversign Media material in viewneo to access such material for publishing. Such licences can be limited to a certain number of simultaneously used displays. Additionally, licences are limited to the duration of this viewneo agreement (see. Sec. 14) but not exceeding twelve (12) months. Upon expiration of these twelve months, the licence with regard to the respective Adversign Media material shall be extended for additional twelve months at the Customer’s expense, unless the Customer unsubscribes at least three months prior to the twelve (12) month’s period in text form (email sufficient); due to organizational reasons, the term always extends to the end of the respective last month of the term, even if the purchase has been made in the middle of the month.


Retrieval via the Internet

The User is fully responsible for retrieving the Adversign Media material. The database and/or platform may be operated by Adversign Media itself or by an agent. The Adversign Media material, as content of the databases and platforms, is updated continuously. Adversign Media is at liberty to modify, delete, or add to the existing content at any time. Databases and platforms may only be accessed with a valid username and password. The User is responsible for safeguarding the access data provided to it (user ID and password) and must treat such data confidentially. The User is prohibited from disclosing its personal access data to third parties, making it available to them in any form, or enabling third parties to access such data. The User itself is responsible for safeguarding the access data and for all retrievals made by means of this access. If the User becomes aware that the access data is being used in an unauthorized manner, the User must inform Adversign Media of this situation immediately. If the access data is misused through a fault of the User, then the User is liable for the resulting loss. The availability of the databases and/or platforms will be at least 98% per month. However, Adversign Media makes no warranty that any particular results can be achieved through their use. Pursuant to the German Federal Data Protection Act, the User is advised that Adversign Media and its agents store the User’s data and/or log files in machine-readable form and process the same in accordance with the purpose of the agreement existing in relation to the User. The details of database searches will be treated confidentially.



Adversign Media assumes responsibility for the reliability and availability of the transmission channels and the correct transmission of the content in so far as the transmission channels are part of Adversign Media’s infrastructure. The User is solely responsible for receiving actively transmitted services, retrieving Adversign Media Material from the Adversign Media website, and integrating and publishing the Adversign Media Material.



The current prices for the hardware, device licenses and software enhancements can be found in the price lists available on our website http://www.viewneo.com and in the CMS. Depending on the chosen plan, the respective invoices to the customer are generated monthly or annually over the corresponding service period for booked or purchased products. If additional products (device licenses or software enhancements) are booked during the service period, they will be invoiced for the remaining period and invoiced to the customer with the chosen means of payment (credit card or SEPA direct debit mandate) at the next billing interval and debited accordingly. Apart from that, the User bears their own costs for obtaining the material (e.g., maintaining the Internet connection, any traffic-based billing by the User’s own provider, etc.).



The Customer is responsible for the confidentiality of the log-in data and will keep these secret, will not pass them on without the prior written agreement of Adversign Media (with the exception of the options envisaged in Clause 8.1), will not tolerate or facilitate any other noting of its log-in data by third parties, and will take the necessary measures to guarantee confidentiality.


In the event of any misuse or loss of the log-in data, or in the event of suspicion of such misuse or loss, the Customer will inform Adversign Media by email at support@viewneo.com.

8According of rights

Adversign Media grants to the Customer, as of the date of the provision of viewneo and for the duration of the agreement, the non-gratuitous, non-exclusive (simple), non-transferable, non-sublicensable right to use viewneo on the server of Adversign Media. For clarity it is noted that the Customer may not allow third parties any economically independent use thereof; however their access data may be made available to external service providers, such as advertising agencies or other third parties, as they perform tasks for the customer. Excluded from this policy and in terms of transfer and sublicensability is the viewneo Enterprise Edition. In this edition, it is expressly permitted to resell viewneo for commercial purposes. With the user administration function (when booking a device license) the user can set up his own employees or third-party user accounts commissioned by him.


Insofar as Adversign Media provides new versions, updates or upgrades of viewneo during the term of the agreement, by implementing these on its own server, the above right of use applies in respect of such versions, updates or upgrades in the same way. However, Adversign Media is not obliged to provide new versions, upgrades or updates if it is not absolutely necessary to do so for the purpose of rectifying defects.

9Prices and payment


The valid prices for both viewneo itself, as well as for optional Adversign Media material or software extensions result from the prices stated at the time of the respective contract on our website www.viewneo.com or in the CMS as described above under point 3.4. All prices are exclusive of VAT.


Payments can be made depending on the product in the following ways: by credit card, by SEPA direct debit mandate, by invoice / prepayment and PayPal.


In the event of any recurring monthly or annual reimbursement of viewneo, such as device licenses or software enhancements, the applicable monthly reimbursement will be calculated at the beginning of the contract in advance for the full minimum term. After the minimum term, the monthly remuneration is due at the beginning of each month, no later than on the third working day of the respective months and debited by SEPA direct debit mandate or credit card. If further device licenses or software enhancements are booked within the minimum term, these will be calculated on a pro rata basis for the remaining minimum term and automatically calculated at the next renewal.


The monthly remuneration for actually licensed Adversign Media material (see Sec. 5.2) is due at the beginning of each month, no lather then on the third working day of the respective month.


Other agreed fees/remunerations are due upon performance of the services and receipt of the invoice by the Customer.


The Customer has the right to set off a claim or assert a right of retention only in the case of legally determined or undisputed claims. Customer may assign rights under this contract to a third party only with the written approval of Adversign Media.


For the duration of any default of the Customer, Adversign Media is entitled to block access to viewneo. In this case, the Customer is still obliged to pay the remuneration. The block will only be lifted when the customer is up to date with all payments.


If payment is delayed by the customer, Adversign Media is entitled to block access to viewneo. In this case, the customer remains obliged to pay the remuneration. The block will not be lifted until the customer makes up for the an outstanding payment amount. If the customer does not comply with their obligation to pay with a period of 21 days and three written requests (email suffices) or the payment method selected by them could not be used, Adversign Media is entitled to terminate the agreement without observing any notice period and to require a lump sum compensation payable immediately in the amount of one quarter of the remaining monthly fee up to the expiry of the normal contractual term. The amount of damage is to be set higher if Adversign Media proves the damage to be greater, or lower if the customer proves the damage to be less.


Adversign Media reserves the right to assert further claims on the basis of delay in payment.

11Adjustments, service modifications

Adversign Media perform additional services subject to an individual agreement in a particular situation. For the avoidance of doubt, Adversign Media is not obliged to perform customizing services with regard to viewneo under this present agreement.


Adversign Media may modify the services of viewneo at any time in any way that is reasonably acceptable to the Customer. Such modifications are reasonable if they become necessary for a reason for which Adversign Media cannot be held responsible, for example, in the event of disruption of the provision of services by subcontractors or by the hosting partner, provided the performance characteristics as described in the summary of services and user documentation continues to be fulfilled. Adversign Media will notify the Customer of the modification at least six (6) weeks before it comes into force, by letter or by email.


Irrespective thereof, Adversign Media is entitled, at any time, to make amendments or additions to the range of services or parts thereof where these do not affect any significant parts of the agreement. Adversign Media will notify the Customer of the amendment or addition not later than six (6) weeks before they come into effect, by letter or by email. The Customer can object to the changes by letter or by email within an appropriate period following receipt of notification of the change. If the Customer does not object, the amendments and additions become part of the agreement. In its notification concerning the change, Adversign Media will expressly point out to the Customer the consequences of its behaviour. If the Customer objects to the change in a timely manner, Adversign Media can give ordinary notice of termination of the agreement per the next possible date.


In the event of breach of contract by the Customer, Adversign Media can, without notice, suspend or block access to the provision of viewneo, without prejudice to any other claims, if the breach of contract has not been rectified following written notice setting a reasonable period for this purpose (written warning). Adversign Media expressly reserves the right to assert further claims.


Leistungsverweigerungsrecht der Adversign Media

Wird die vertragsgemäße Nutzung der Vertragssoftware ohne Verschulden von Adversign Media durch Schutzrechte Dritter beeinträchtigt, so ist Adversign Media berechtigt, die hierdurch betroffenen Leistungen zu verweigern. Adversign Media wird den Kunden hiervon unverzüglich unterrichten und ihm in geeigneter Weise den Zugriff auf seine Daten ermöglichen. Der Kunde ist in diesem Fall nicht zur Zahlung verpflichtet. Sonstige Ansprüche oder Rechte des Kunden bleiben unberührt.




Irrespective of the cause of action, Adversign Media’s liability shall be limited to damages caused by Adversign Media, its employees or subcontractors due to wilful misconduct, gross negligence or, in case of a violation of an essential contractual duty, simple negligence. Duties are being considered essential if necessary for the due execution of the contract so that the Customer can regularly expect proper observation.


If Adversign Media is held liable for gross or simple negligence under Clause 13.1, Adversign Media’s liability shall be limited to those typical damages that were reasonably foreseeable at the time the Agreement was concluded.


Adversign Media’s liability for any damages caused by the breach of a specific guarantee (Garantie) or for damages to be compensated under the Product Liability Act and for damages due to loss of life, injury or prejudice to health remains unaffected.


Adversign Media’s Liability under Clause 13.1 for loss of data shall be limited to typical recovery costs which arise if backup copies are regularly made in appropriate relation to the risk of such loss.


In other respects the liability of Adversign Media – irrespective of the cause of action – is excluded. This applies in particular in respect of liability that is independent of fault in respect of initial defects pursuant to Section 536a (1) Alt. 1 German Civil Code and in respect of damage arising as a result of unauthorized access by third parties at the user’s premises.

14Contractul term, termination

The customer can choose between a monthly or an annual contract with regard to the duration of the contract. Additional information concerning the duration of contracts can be found in the CMS and described in point 3.4 of the General Terms and Conditions.


In addition the agreement can be terminated in writing for a serious reason by either party without observance of any notice period. A serious reason that would entitle Adversign Media to terminate the agreement in this way is in particular if the Customer violates rights of use of Adversign Media by using the software in an extent beyond what is permitted under this agreement, or enters illegal content that would justify a fine or penal sanctions or violate the general right of privacy, and/or does not cease such violation within a reasonable period following a warning issued by Adversign Media.


Termination does not have to be in writing or in text form. Terminations can take place in the CMS by clicking on the button "Cancel Account" or "Cancel Subscription" in the CMS in the viewneo account management or in the settings under "My subscriptions" followed by the entry of the password. By termination with a notice period of at least one day, all subscriptions of the respective account are irrevocably deleted and upon deletion of the account, all data and settings associated with the account are irrevocably deleted.


In the event of termination, Adversign Media will disable access. The customer must give up the use of the software.

15Deficiency rights

The received delivery is to be examined carefully immediately after receipt (this also counts for deliveries to a third party e.g. customer’s customers’). Any deficiencies are to be reported immediately in writing (“reproach”). Discernible transport damages are to be reported to the dispatch person. In force is § 377HGB. Ih there is no report, the delivery counts as flawless. If there is a defect, which could not be spotted within the first examination, it is to be reported immediately after it is discovered. The resale, installation or any other use of faulty delivery shall be deemed their approval and as contractual performance and includes warranty claims.


By negotiating over reproaches, we do not relinquish the objection that these complaints were not in time, unfounded or otherwise insufficient. Material deviations from the agreed quality and extent, as well as changes in the delivery in the course of technological progress, in the construction, the design, the dimensions, the weight or the color are within the customary tolerances allowed, unless they do not limit the usability for the contractually intended use , no guarantee exists and the customer is reasonable from an objective appreciation of all the circumstances.


If the goods are defective, we are initially obliged to subsequent performances and will provide those as our own option by removing the defect (improvement) or delivery of flawless goods (delivery). To the extent necessary, warranty claims against third parties (for example, the manufacturer) are made, the customer will assert those – on request with our support. The existence of warranty claims remain unaffected by this. We may refuse a type of remedy or the whole if it is possible only at disproportionate cost. Should we opt for the replacement, so this is done, if we wish, gradually against the return of the defective delivery. Replaced parts become our property. We carry the necessary expenses to remedy the defect, in case these will not increase due to the delivery to a place other than the place that was determined.


If subsequent performance fails or both kinds of cure of us are denied, the customer can withdraw after a reasonable extension of the contract and / or claim damages. The right to reduce the contract is impossible, unless there exists only a non-essential defect which defect was fraudulently concealed or relates to a guarantee of quality.

16Final provisions

The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies, to the exclusion of CISG. Düsseldorf is agreed as the place of jurisdiction in the event of any disputes brought before the courts.


If individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions are or become invalid and/or contradict the statutory regulations, the validity of the Terms and Conditions in other respects is not affected. The invalid provision is replaced by mutual agreement between the contracting parties by a provision that in a legally valid way approximates as closely as possible to the economic purpose of the invalid provision. The above regulation applies accordingly in the event of any omissions in the agreement.


Amendments and additions must be in writing; this applies also in respect of the waiver of the requirement as to the written form.


The German language version is decisive in case of deviations; the English version serves as a convenience translation.

Special arrangements for Business and Enterprise licenses


This section outlines the operation of a viewneo Business or Enterprise license, specifically in the form of a white-label version. (A white-label version is defined as a version which is designed by Adversign and carries the name of the partner.) Further details concerning Business and Enterprise licenses are contained in Appendix 1.


Licensees of a Business or Enterprise license shall be granted the non-transferable, simple right of use to the acquired viewneo Enterprise License for the duration of the contract term, as outlined above. A sale of a sublicense is expressly agreed upon for Business and Enterprise licenses, with the following restrictions:

  • Adversign must be released from all third-party rights.
  • The licensee is obligated to provide all legally necessary information for the operation of a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform online for its customers. Adversign may be available for a fee to provide these services.
  • If the licensee fails to provide payment of the agreed upon monthly fee after they have received two written notices (e-mail communication is considered to be a valid form for providing notice), then Adversign is entitled to block access until all outstanding payments are received. If all outstanding payments are not received within 30 days from the date of blocked access, then all accounts associated with the licensee will also be blocked. If payment, is not received within 90 days following the blockage of all accounts, or 120 days from the original failure to provide payment, then all data associated with the licensee’s account will be irrevocably deleted.

In the case of a business or enterprise license, the licensee shall not be entitled to compensation for the creation of content associated with the license upon termination of the contract. This is irrespective of the legal basis or any other reasons, and specifically, there is no compensation claim pursuant to § 89 b HGB Direct or analog application.


If it is determined by Adversign that the licensee has used the storage space provided in the media database for non-digital signage purposes, Adversign is entitled to immediately terminate the contract without notice and to block all access. The licensee is not entitled to make any claims against Adversign that may result from this action.


The customer, as well as, the licensee is not entitled to assign claims stemming from this contract to third parties. Additionally, neither the customer nor the licensee is entitled to offset claims against Adversign, if their claims are not judicially ascertained or expressly recognized by Adversign. The customer and the licensee are only entitled to retention rights, if the aforementioned requirements are fulfilled.


All claims which arise out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be subject to a limitation period of 12 months, beginning with knowledge of the circumstances, which gave rise to the claim.