Clothes hooks that recognize the product

Innovative Smart Store Technology from viewneo

Looks can be deceiving. Take for example a clothing hook. Most of the time it is used to hang clothes and no one thinks about it. But it’s possible to take the ordinary and use it to make extraordinary experiences. The viewneo PWS peg sensors help provide important data that can be used to optimize PoS marketing and create memorable customer experiences.

Respond to Interactions

Sensory clothing hooks

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. The sensory clothing hooks (PWS pegs) from viewneo are designed to react when customers interact with the product. This allows you to provide product information without any additional action by the customer. For example, when a customer picks up a winter jacket, the monitor automatically provides information on the material. More information helps to create trust, especially with high-quality products. .

No labeling required. Unlike RFID technology, with the viewneo PWS pegs you don’t need to use separate RFID tags on each product. The clothing hook recognizes the unique product based on its specific weight. It’s able to differentiate each individual jacket and ensure that the customer sees the correct product information.

Product wall with integrated screen and sensor technology

Experience Interactivity

PWS Pegs in the demo store

See how they coat hook sensors operate in our interactive demo store. In addition to the PWS pegs, you can also see the variety of other sensors that can be used with viewneo. Use the mouse to grab a piece of clothing in the virtual store and see how the content on the screen reacts.

Interactive showroom where information appears on the screen as soon as you pick up a product with the mouse.

Easy event management with viewneo

Connect all of your components together

The viewneo Event Management system lets you define the specific action which should take place in response to an event. For example, an event is when a certain item of clothing is picked up. You can define an action as specific content which is displayed on a monitor. This can be anything from information about the brand, videos of the product in action, or real-time inventory information.

Because the clothing hooks sensors are fully integrated with viewneo it makes it simple to create an interactive smart store. Hardware and cloud-based software are designed to work together to ensure a smooth operation.

When combined with the viewneo Butler any electrical device can be switched on/off based on the actions of the user. From digital buying advice to automated cross-selling, there are no more limits to how the sales floor can be redesigned.

Excerpt from the event management in the viewneo CMS

Digital coat hooks at the PoS

Video from EuroShop 2020

More information and products

Additional Sensors and Modules
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Combinable products
viewneo Butler (Gateway)The viewneo Butler also connects digital signage with smart home devices from other manufacturers. This module serves as a gateway by connecting smart products from other manufacturers, such as Philips, Ikea, Osram and Xiaomi.
Compatible Smart Home Lamps, Switches, and SensorsA (not exhaustive) list of compatible smart home devices that can be used in conjunction with the viewneo butler for interactive and sensory digital signage installations.


No. The PWS pegs have been specially developed by viewneo for the viewneo Digital Signage System.

Very sensitive weighing sensors are located inside the coat hooks. These register the specific weight of the individual products hanging on them, accurate to the gram.

The sensors are unscrewed (see video). The sensor part with the cable is inserted from behind through a hole in the wall and then screwed together.

Yes, because the sensor communicates with the viewneo CMS, at least WiFi is required. However, the use of Ethernet with Power Over Lan (PoE) is ideal. In this case, only an Ethernet cable is required and no additional power supply or power cable is needed.

Further information on installation and setup can be found here in the viewneo Docs.

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