Digital Signage with RFID

Extension modules from viewneo

With RFID technology from viewneo, interactive product presentations (lift & learn) can be implemented at the PoS. An RFID tag is placed on underneath the product. If a customer picks up a product, additional information can be shown on a nearby advertising display. Combined with the viewneo Butler, almost any electrical device or lamp can react when a product is lifted up.

Experience interactively

RFID-Sensors in the Demo Smart Store

In an interactive demo the viewneo RFID sensors can be seen in action and you can experience interactive digital content. Use the mouse to grab a shoe in the virtual store and see how the content on the screen reacts to it.

In addition to the RFID readers, other sensors from viewneo are installed and you can how they interact from the: viewneo Player, viewneo Butler, viewneo RFID sensors, and the sensory coat hooks viewneo PWS Pegs.

Interactive showroom where information appears on the screen as soon as you lift products

Plug'n play. Easy installation. Minimal wiring.

The RFID system from viewneo

When developing the RFID system from viewneo, great importance was attached to ensuring the installation was simple. Linking the RFID readers to the viewneo content management system is also designed to be easy. Up to 30 readers can be operated with just one power supply and are connected to each other with only one cable in a row. The readers are only connected to one another with a standard Ethernet cable. So, no worries about wiring something wrong.

The readers can be installed behind wooden walls or under table tops with a thickness of up to 20 mm. If a product with an RFID sticker is placed on the spot above the reader, the ID of the sticker is read and sent to the viewneo CMS. You have the option to choose how you want your content to react. For example, display certain content if the product is placed on the reader and different content when it is removed from the reader.

RFID reader installed under a shelf

Lift and Learn Example

A shopping experience where the customer can smell, feel and learn.

Seamless integration with the digital signage cloud

Event management in the viewneo CMS

The event management of the viewneo Smart Playlists in the viewneo CMS defines what happens when an RFID reader detects when a product is either placed or removed from an area. This allows for almost unlimited possibilities. For example, you can change the content which is displayed on a monitor when a product is picked up.

Together with the viewneo butler, additional LED strips, smart lamps or viewneo smart sockets can also be used together. Think of all of the unique options you can create.

Selection of the setting options for the event area in the viewneo CMS

Additional Information and Products

Additional Sensors and Modules
viewneo Sensors and Switches
Combinable Products
viewneo Butler (Gateway)The viewneo Butler also connects digital signage with smart home devices from other manufacturers. This module serves as a gateway for the smart devices of other manufacturers, such as Philips, Ikea, Osram and Xiaomi.
Compatible smart home lamps, switches, and sensorsA (not exhaustive) list of compatible smart home devices that can be used in conjunction with the viewneo Butler for interactive and sensory digital signage installations.


With an RFID hub, up to 30 RFID readers can be coupled at the same time. The maximum length of the bus line (Ethernet cable) from the first to the last reader is up to 500 meters.

RFID hub and reader are connected to each other using a LAN cable (RJ45). An external power source is only necessary for the RFID HUB.

No, the RFID module does not require a paid license.

After the viewneo RFID Hub has been added to the viewneo CMS, additional functions are automatically available in the event area. Additional plugins are not necessary.