viewneo Changelog

What's happening at viewneo? Find out about new features, bugfixes and more.

  • Template Builder: Set either a countdown or count up counter in your templates.
  • Email Notifications: Get an email notification when a device or group is offline.
  • viewneo is now available for apple device in the app store
  • Fixed: YouTube captions on WebView
  • Update: Libraries
  • Bugfixes and further improvements
  • Broadcast Logo Plugin is available in the CMS
  • Performance boost for the facebook Plugin by implementing a caching feature
  • You are able to hide the liveticker for each content individually
  • A user can upload a file directly by placing it in a playlist or a template
  • Columns can now be scaled (ex. device group)
  • A user is now able to drag and drop a device into another device group
  • Three new Plugins available to purchase: Screen Sync, Smart Playlist and Touch Elements. They are available for purchase directly through the CMS.
  • Enterprise accounts can now take advantages of subscriptions. Changes can be made directly in the CMS.
  • viewneo for partners/Partner program: Shows the clients of resellers who do not have an active subscription

  • The user can now drag and drop a folder from the media library directly into a playlist.