viewneo Changelog

What's happening at viewneo? Find out about new features, bugfixes and more.

The sentibar Plugin provides quizzes and surveys that are both entertaining and will capture the attention of your visitors. Content is currently available for Germany and Austria.

In an effort to do our part against the Coronavirus, we have developed new templates which can be found in the CMS (Free Content folder). They are available in English and German. Some of the themes include:

  • Hand washing tips
  • Social distancing reminders
  • Ways to lend a helping hand
  • Template Builder: Set either a countdown or count up counter in your templates.
  • Email Notifications: Get an email notification when a device or group is offline.
  • viewneo is now available for apple device in the app store
  • Fixed: YouTube captions on WebView
  • Update: Libraries
  • Bugfixes and further improvements
  • Broadcast Logo Plugin is available in the CMS
  • Performance boost for the facebook Plugin by implementing a caching feature
  • You are able to hide the liveticker for each content individually
  • A user can upload a file directly by placing it in a playlist or a template
  • Columns can now be scaled (ex. device group)
  • A user is now able to drag and drop a device into another device group