The Digital Signage specialist, Adversign Media is teaming up with A&O Hotels and Hostels, the largest, privately run hostel chain in Europe to equip all of their locations. The group is relying on viewneo, the cloud-based DS service from the Düsseldorf-based provider.

One of the biggest factors in the hotelier's decision was the overall reduction in costs and greater flexibility that Digital Signage offered compared to traditional print media.

“We thought long and hard about how we can clean out the posters and leaflets from our hotels. One reason is that print products are quickly out of date due to our rapid development. Additionally, our target group is younger individuals who are naturally more attracted by dynamic images. By digitizing our lobby screens, we kill two birds with one stone: the guests get their information according to their preference and we save resources and protect the environment”, explains Oliver Winter, General Manager of A&O.

In the future, guests at A&O will be informed and entertained in the reception area of the hostels with digital displays. The content concept includes providing information on check-in/check-out times, breakfast options, parking prices, and happy hour information depending on the time of day. Additionally, local information, such as the weather forecast, news, sightseeing tips and offers to local attractions will also be displayed. "Finally, the guest can easily record all the important city information via the screen: the entire point of sale marketing can be managed centrally from the head office in each language and according to the clientele," continued Winter.

With the cloud-based content management system, viewneo, Adversign Media is pursuing the goal of creating easy-to-use software that can be used with a variety of devices, without having to have any technical expertise.