Düsseldorf-based Digital Signage provider Adversign Media is expanding its product range with a new, professional DS player. The viewneo 4K SignageBox enables the playback of high-resolution content in UHD (Ultra High Definition/4K) and is designed to work with the in-house DS software viewneo, for a complete solution.

Similar to prior to models, Adversign is relying on Android as the operating system for the new viewneo 4K SignageBox. A powerful octa-core processor ensures maximum performance and stability, even under 24/7 continuous operation. From the outside, the matte black painted metal housing of the viewneo 4K SignageBox is robust enough to stand up in even the most demanding environments.

“The rapidly growing demand for 4K players is hard to ignore. For users, being able to view visually appealing content is becoming increasingly important, so high-definition content is likely to become the norm in the foreseeable future. The viewneo 4K SignageBox is our answer to this development”, explains Tobias Spelz, Sales Manager at Adversign Media.

The official launch of the viewneo 4K SignageBox is planned for early November 2016, but the player is available for pre-orders in the viewneo online shop.

The numerous pre-orders helps to show that there is a great interest from multiple sectors. Spelz said, “We are particularly pleased about the positive reactions of our customers and partners, as well as the strong demand during the pre-sales period. The feedback has been great!”.