Butler Compatible Smart Devices

Devices for the viewneo Butler

Smart sockets

ImageDevice TypeDetailsManufacturerLink
Smart socketviewneo plugs are radio-controlled sockets that can be used with the viewneo Butler to control any electrical device (lamps, motors) in sync with the screen content via the viewneo CMS. This enables interactive product presentations to be created on monitors or LED screens and other devices. For example, a lamp can be switched on as soon as a customer has selected a product on the touch screen.viewneo / Adversign Media GmbHLink to the Butler

Lamps, LED-Strips

ImageDevice TypeDetailsManufacturerLink
Smart LED LampsAll LED Smart lamps of the Philips HUE series are compatible and able to be used.PhilipsProduct Site
Philips HUEPhilips Hue LightstripsPhilipsProduct Site
Smart LED LampsAlle Lampen der Osram Lightify Serie sind kompatibel und können verwendet werden. All lamps of the Osram Lightify series are compatible and able to be used. Note: Osram switches off its own cloud for these products. However, when used with the viewneo Butler System, the Osram Cloud is not required.OsramProduct Site
Smart LED LampsAll RGB or LED (white) lamps from Xiomi Yeelight are able to be used.XiaomiFrom Amazon


ImageDevice TypeDetailsManufacturerLink
Wireless motion detectorThe Aqara Human Motion Sensor detects movements of individuals within a certain radius. It can be used to respond to visitor movements with digital signage content. This allows selected content to be displayed when someone stands in front of an advertising stele or a monitor. The Aqara motion sensor uses an infrared sensor to detect human movement through thermal and polyolefin Fresnel lenses for precise detection.AqaraProduct Site (external Link), Amazon
Wireless motion detectorThe TRÅDFRI wireless motion detector from Ikea is also fully compatible with viewneo Butler.IkeaProduct Site
Wireless temperature and humidity sensorWith a temperature sensor, digital signage content can react dynamically to the environment, for example by displaying something specific in response to certain ambient temperature.AquaraProduct Site

Switches and Buttons

ImageDevice TypeDetailsManufacturerLink
Wireless dimmerWhen used with the viewneo Butler, this dimmer can not only dim lamps. For example, a customer/viewer can use a value between 1 and 100 to indicate how satisfied they are with the service received.IkeaProduct Link
Wireless button / switchThe battery-powered Aqara Wireless Mini Switch can be used anywhere to change the screen content by pressing a button. In Smart Stores, it can be used for product selection and displaying additional information on a screen.AquaraProduct Link
Push button / switch for fixed wall mounting, flush and surface-mountedThese smart switches from Aquara are intended for more permanent installations and are usually installed in a wall (flush or surface-mounted. They are not battery operated and therefore require a fixed installation (110-240V).)AquaraProduct Link