Digital Signage for the Healthcare Industry

viewneo simplifies an efficient organization in healthcare enterprises

Whether in hospitals, private clinics or other healthcare enterprises: Digital information panels can be used to quickly advertise additional services, promote menus or inform patients about the upcoming treatment.

Get a first impression

What viewneo can be used for in hospitals, ambulances or pharmacies

  • Welcome Signage
  • Introduce Employees
  • Testimonials, Product Information
  • Advertise products & services
  • Fitness and health advice
  • Infotainment
In the dining room or cafetaria
Welcome screen in the entrace area
Information about upcoming treatments
Infotainment in the waiting room
Information in the reception area

Upload your own pictures and videos

viewneo supports all popular file formats

Animated slides

Use our content designer and create your own slides in an instant.

News & weather forecasts

Provide a variety of news and information from The Washington Post to ESPN and local weather. Entertain guests and patients in the waiting area.

YouTube & Social Media

Bring Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube videos to your screens.

Schedule Your Content

You can customize what content should be displayed throughout the day. Set the days of the week and time of the day with just a few clicks.

Tools to educate your patients

Valuable information for your patients

Use Digital Signage to provide educational in-office awareness messaging to patients. Whether it is a friendly reminder that flu season is coming up and to ensure that they get their flu shot or information about keeping up to date on vaccinations, your screens can help to engage the patient in their health care goals.

Display expertise, provide a sense of security

Give your screens a face, and allow your staff to shine

Allow your patients to have insights into the staff that will be treating them by introducing physicians, assistants, and other members of your team.

Putting a name with the face helps to instill consumer confidence in their patient care and help them feel that the staff is accessible and helpful.

Screen with digital signage content to introduce the doctors, the weather forecast and information on the smoking ban in the building

Improve organization, reduce costs

Flexible communication of health offers

Regularly changing programs for patients can be flexibly adapted via the Internet and distributed to the desired screens. Scheduling also allows content to be played at desired times and days of the week so that they can be organized in advance.

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