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viewneo API Plugin

Access All of the Possibilities

Need a more specific feature or miss a function for your digital signage project? Simply create your own now!

Create Your Own Applications

Digital Signage – totally customized

The API Plugin gives you full access to the REST API endpoints of the viewneo cloud application.

This access allows you to create your own applications to fit your specific needs. With the secure OAuth 2.0 authorization you can easily connect your applications with the viewneo cloud and get developing.

This Plugin is designed for anyone who needs the flexibility to design a truly customized Digital Signage system.



You are only limited by your imagination


OAuth 2.0 authorization

viewneo Enterprise customers

Connect your programs

The API Plugin allows you to connect your firm-specific programs directly to viewneo. For example, you have a unique dashboard program that you would like to display, then the API Plugin allows you connect your system with viewneo.

And gets your programs on the big screen where they belong.