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viewneo API Plugin

Access All of the Possibilities

Through the API it is possible to connect viewneo to third-party software in order to expand the functionality and automate processes. One way this could look is that by connecting your Point of Sales (PoS) software, you can change a playlist to feature certain products based upon your sales. This Plugin allows you to have full access to the API of viewneo.

Control your Digital Signage content via API

Digital Signage – totally customized

The viewneo API plugin gives you full access to the REST API endpoints of the viewneo CMS application.

This makes it possible to control the main functions of Content Management via the interface with any other application or in-house development.

The viewneo API plugin is designed for anyone who needs a truly flexible system for their individual Digital Signage projects.



Automation by connecting to existing third-party software


OAuth 2.0 Authorization

viewneo Enterprise customers

Connect your Applications

If you are looking for a way to make your Digital Signage projects complete, one way is to network your applications such as, booking or POS together. This will allow you to change playlists, delete old content or initiate new content, all through the viewneo API.

This allows you to control almost all the functions of the Content Management System (CMS) through the software interface.


More information

The plugin is an extension which can only be used with Enterprise accounts for a monthly fee of $24.00.

With the API plugin it is possible to connect viewneo to third party software and to integrate additional automation actions.

Yes, API documentation is available.