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Let's get Moving

Who is the office fitness champion?

The answer might surprise you...

Now you can bring a Fitbit Challenge to the big screen and transform individual and team-based competitions into motivating group activities.

To join the challenge a Fitbit is required.


Group competitions

Compete in two groups with up to 10 members per team.

Single competitions

Let an unlimited number of competitors compete directly against each other.

Challenge modes

DistanceFlights of stairsActive minutes


The viewneo Active Plugin can be used on both vertical and horizontal screens.

Customize the competition

Set the start and end dates of your choice.

Let's Get Physical

With the viewneo Active Plugin


Build team spirit with gamification and let departments or employees compete against each other.

Fitness studios

Organize exciting competitions between your members. With viewneo Active you can implement viral marketing measures and lure members to your studio.

Display Options

Live-ranking single-competitions: Show the live rankings of the top ten participants in the single competition.

Live-ranking group competitions: Show the live-ranking of the different teams which are taking part in the competition.

Winner: Displays a winners’ podium with the top three finalists.