viewneo PluginDisplay Timer Plugin
Display Timer Plugin

viewneo Display Timer Plugin

Automatically switch your screens on or off

Keep your screens going when you need them to and turn off when their work is done.

Set it and forget it:

Simplify your daily business

Do you head home for the day at 5pm, but want to keep your screens going until 10pm? With the Display Timer Plugin, you decide, when your media player will turn on and off and your screen will switch to standby-mode.

This allows you to keep your screens going when you need them to and turn off when their work is done.

What options are available?

Easy and flexible scheduling

Start- and end date: Set how long your want your timer to be active.

Start- and end time: Set the time at which the digital player screen should turn on and off.

Days of the week: Set the specific days of the week that your timer should be used.

Ways to put the

Display Timer Plugin to work

Real Estate Agents

Need to step out of the office for an important showing? Then the timer Plugin is the perfect solution: Just set the time you want your Digital Signage to be displayed and get out and make that sale.

Travel Agencies

Is your travel agency located in an area with heavy foot traffic? Then play your vacation offers from the early morning hours until late, without having to lift a finger.

Fashion Boutiques

Do you want to inspire passers-by with your window advertising during their Sunday stroll? With the timer Plug-in, you decide to which times and days of the week your screens are active.


Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $0.60 per month/per device or $6.00 per year/per device.

The display timer plugin allows you to switch on or off your screens based on timers. Additionally, when a signal is lost, monitors will automatically go into standby mode.

Under device management, you can set a timer for either an entire group or an individual screen. The date, weekday, and time can be set under “Timer” and “Add timer”.

The viewneo display timer plugin is only compatible with viewneo hardware.