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Now You're in the Know

Whether waiting in line, in a waiting room, or simply as an interim sequence of your advertising. The local weather Plugin brings information everyone can use to your playlist and captures attention.

Display the local weather of your city

... or any other city in the world

The Local Weather Plugin contains a 4-day weather forecast for a location of your choice (almost any location worldwide). Just set your preferences one time and your weather will always be up-to-date.

Get it on your screen

With just a few clicks

Simply enter your city, pull it into your playlist and you’re done. With this Plugin, you’ll become your own weatherman – and it does not matter whether you use a Full HD monitor or if you want to display the weather on your iPad at the shop counter: anything is possible!

Features and Support

Multi-Language Support

Latin and non-latin languages (arabic, japanese, chinese etc.)


Selectable temperature units: Fahrenheit, Celsius

Any place – worldwide

Local weather forecast for (almost) any city on earth

Always up-to-date

Hourly updated weather information ensures a reliable forecast

Screen resolution

All common resolutions / devices are supported (iPad, HD Ready, HD, Full HD, UHD / 4K)

Screen orientation

The weather forecast can be displayed in landscape and portrait orientations


Able to work independent of which device or platform used, thanks to HTML 5


Responsive grid and resource-saving animations – without Flash!

See what you can do

With the Local Weather Plugin


By displaying updated weather information, you can ensure that your employees make sure that they grab their umbrella before they head out the door.


An accurate weather forecast helps your guests be prepared and able to plan their sightseeing activities for the day.


Use the weather to highlight the local and seasonal creations that you have on your menu.


Weather data for all cities around the world is available.

You have a choice between monthly or yearly billing periods. With a monthly subscription, the plugin costs $3.60 per player and $36.00 per player annually.