viewneo Plugin

viewneo Reports

Individual Reports. Detailed Insights.

Get insights into the type of content being displayed and the overall playing behavior. You can view insights directly in your account with the option to download.

Analyze Your Content

Measure and Evaluate Content at a Glance

viewneo Reports provides you with easy-to-use reports about your content. Capture what content was played, when, how often and on what devices in just a few clicks.

Additionally, user-defined reports allow you to monitor the playback behavior, of all of your devices, to easily determine if there are any possible errors and get them fixed as soon as possible.

Analyze Your Playlist

Easily Monitor Complex Playlists

With the viewneo Playlist Reports, you will know exactly when and on which devices your Playlists were played. User-friendly detail views, help you evaluate the content that is played on each individual broadcast loop. It provides an instant snapshot, as to whether your Playlists have been displayed correctly, even with nested Playlists.

Analyze Your Devices

Record Playback History. View Events.

The Device Reports provides you with the history of all the events on your Digital Signage Player. This gives you not just a history of the content played but also shows you system-wide events and possible error issues.

This allows you to find and fix issues quickly and across all your locations in one easy report.

Real-time Reporting

Monitor in real-time important, time-sensitive campaigns and respond quickly to any possible errors in the playouts.

Historical Reporting

Analyze how often your content and Playlists have been played in a defined time period, optimize their frequency, and get the most of out of your screens.

Location Reporting

Filter by device group and device to easily monitor and optimize content across multiple locations.

Device Reporting

Capture the most important events of your Digital Signage Player to identify possible errors with just a few clicks and fix them immediately.


More information

There are three options with viewneo Reports, which all include detailed reporting information: Up to 3 month for $18.00 per month/per device or $180.00 per year/per device. Up to 12 month for $24.00 per month/per device or $240.00 per year/per device. More than 12 month for $30.00 per month/device or $ 300.00 per year/per device.

The viewneo Reports plugin is optimized for the viewneo 4K SignageBox. Third-party devices are not compatible or are not currently supported.

Yes, it is possible to download the reports as a CSV file.

The viewneo Reports plugin enables you to see the system data and performance of your digital signage system. You can evaluate the content, playlists, and devices that are associated with your account. For example, you can see how often and when a piece of specific content was played.