viewneo PluginScreen Sync Plugin
Screen Sync Plugin

viewneo Screen Sync Plugin

Synchronize multiple screens

Looking for a way to simplify larger Digital Signage projects, like video walls? Then the viewneo ScreenSync Plugin is right up your alley.

Multiple Screens. One Creative Expression.

Attract Attention with a Video Wall

The viewneo Screen Sync Plugin takes the hard work out of syncing multiple players to play either the same or different content on multiple screens at the same time.

It also allows you to get creative and create an eye-catching video wall without extensive technical know-how.

What you can do

with the viewneo Screen Sync Plugin

Video wall

Split Content

Prepare the content so, that it can be divided into the playlists of the players, with each player having its own playlist. This allows the resulting video wall to display the images cleanly and in sync.

One playlist, multiple screens

Synchronized Content

In order to have all of the same content synchronized, all of the devices have the same playlist. The master device is used to schedule the timing of the content.

Multiple screens, different playlists

Multi Content

Each player has its own playlist and the ability to display different content.



Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $1.20 per month/per device or $12.00 per year/per device.

The following functions can be covered with the ScreenSync plugin:

  • Videowall function: content stretched across all screens
  • Synced content that appears on all screens
  • Different content on the screens used