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Create and Customize Master Slides

Generate consistent content without needing external image processing programs.

Use the template plugin in order to create a design-template for your slides. It’s easy to use and functions similarly to MS Powerpoint, so there is no need to learn a whole new program.

Once you have designed a template, you are then able to create as many slides as you want. If you update or change a template, it will automatically change any slides which are associated with the template, making it easy to make changes.

You also have the option to select which elements in the template are fixed and which are flexible.

See how to create and control

lots of slides from one source

Creating a template is the same as creating a slide. The big difference: You are able to define static and flexible content elements.

Static content elements: If you create a slide out of a template, then single elements such as text can't be edited.

Flexible content elements: If you choose "editable" in the settings of the template, you will be able to change all of the elements in the slide.

Additional Information

What's the difference between templates and slides?

Templates are created in the same way as slides, but have some unique properties. While elements such as text, images, etc. are similar to slides, templates allow you to create placeholders.

The Template Plugin allows you to take any slide and turn it into a template.This allows you to generate content without the need of additional external image processing programs.

Who is Going to Love

the Template Plugin

Franchise Systems

By creating templates, franchise systems have an easy way to send and receive updated content that is consistent and professional looking.

Users who manage a large amount of content

If you manage a large of amount of content that is similar, the template Plugin can save you a ton of time when you have to update your slides. By using a template, any time you make a change, the associated slides are automatically updated.


More information

Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $4.80 per month/per device or $48.00 per year/per device.