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Touch Elements Plugin

viewneo Touch Elements Plugin

Create Interactive Experiences

By creating interactive areas in your content, you can define actions that can be performed with just a click or touch. This allows viewers to easily navigate through content.

Involve your customers and viewers

With interactive features

The viewneo Touch Elements Plugin creates interactive areas in your templates or slides, that when touched, trigger an action that you have specified.

Now your customers can decide for themselves which content in your playlist they want to take a closer look at with a simple touch. In addition to providing an overview of your products, you can now allow the customer to get detailed information on individual products or services. Another option is to allow the customer to provide feedback in real time to improve your customer experience. Anything is possible!

It works by linking your content with each through the Touch Elements Plugin to allow for easier navigation. Simple and easy.


Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $3.00 per month/per device or $30.00 per year/per device.

With the TouchElements Plugin, individual objects/areas can be made touchable in the Template Designer. They can also be used as a trigger in the Event Manager, for example to allow individuals to navigate to additional content.

It requires a touch screen/pad, mouse/keyboard, or other input devices.