viewneo PluginWebsite Interaction Plugin
Website Interaction Plugin

viewneo Website Interaction Plugin

Allow website interactions

Set a website that your visitors can interact with, while your regular playlist is shown as soon as your screen is touched.

Engage your customers

With the viewneo Website Interaction Plugin

With the viewneo Website Interaction Plugin and a touch-enabled screen, you can add interactive web content to your playlists and provide a more interactive experience for your visitors.

As soon as the visitor touches the display, the playlist will be interrupted and the user redirected to a website you have designated.

When the visitor leaves and there is no interaction with the screen for a defined period of time, it will automatically return to the previous playlist.

This Plugin is a great option for anyone who is looking to integrate touch screens into their Digital Signage displays and excite their visitors with an interactive experience.

See what you can do

With the viewneo Website Interaction Plugin

Gastronomy / Restaurants

Interactive order systems via tablet PCs or kiosk systems can now be integrated with your latest advertisements. When the screen is not in use, the content will change to display your latest special offers.


Offer additional services such as your spa, breakfast buffet or shuttle services. Guests will have the ability to interact with the screen, to book the advertised service directly on your website.

Fashion Boutique

Offer a visitor a discount, if they register to receive your newsletter. When the visitor touches the screen, they will be taken to the website where they can register and will receive a coupon they can use at checkout.

Travel Agencies

Those beach images helped to draw the customers, and now they can get quick information on the latest offers just by touching the screen.

Shopping Centers

Now you can provide advertising for the various shops while also allowing customers to touch the screen and get easy to follow directions to point them in the right direction.


What else do you need to know?

Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $3.00 per month/per device or $30.00 per year/per device.

The plugin is designed to allow for a user to interrupt a running playlist by touch and have a new website be displayed. The user will then be able to interact freely on this website, for example to make a purchase. After a period of time where there has been no interaction, the playlist will return to playing the regularly scheduled content.