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Zendesk Plugin

viewneo Zendesk Plugin

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Because you never want to take a customer for granted. The viewneo Zendesk plugin helps you keep track of your customer inquiry system. You can sort based upon the priority of the inquiry, and all outstanding requests are updated regularly.

Capture Everything at a Glance

Quick Reactions and Satisfied Customers

Some ways to put

the Zendesk Plugin to use

Call Centers

Do you have timeliness and quantity goals in your call center? With the viewneo Zendesk Plugin, everyone on the team can be aware of the current status and ensure that they are working towards meeting their goals.

Complaint Management

Being able to identify and quickly process complaints, helps to show your customers that you are engaged and helps to provide them with a positive resolution.

Quality Control

Looking for a way to ensure that your latest product release is working as expected. The Zendesk Plugin can help provide you with an easy early warning system when something isn't working the way it is expected. Allowing you a chance to fix the problems quickly and efficiently.


More information

Depending on the chosen payment period, the Plugin costs either $4.20 per month/per device or $42.00 per year/per device.