Established in 2008 and based in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Adversign Media GmbH is a full-service provider of digital signage solutions. It serves a fast-growing number of consumers with brands like Petronas, NBC, Universal Studios, and Airbus, and small and middle-sized firms from over 30 countries globally.

The company holds a young and dynamic team of developers, programmers, and marketing & design experts with creative minds to create a cross-industry product. Adversign Media's goal is to develop and steadily promote a powerful and easy-to-use tool for digital signage issues accessible to anybody without any technical knowledge.

In 2010 Adversign Media started developing viewneo – a digital signage software system. viewneo enables the business people to broadcast unique and self-edited advertising content within a few clicks. The clients can manage their digital signage products conveniently from any place on earth – it only requires a working internet connection.

Since 2013, Adversign Media serves as a solution partner of Samsung and NEC. In 2012, the firm received an "Innovation IT Award" of "Initiative Mittelstand" and even won the prize in 2014.

The GoodFirms team interviewed Manfred Lüdtke, the founder and the CEO of viewneo to know more about the software and its working. Starting with the interview, Manfred cites that he likes to think of himself as a big-picture thinker, as he enjoys pushing the limits to develop new and innovative products. Manfred adds that with the support of his team, they all work together to convert ideas into realities.

‘It’s very much a non-linear procedure with lots of steps backward and leaps forward, and every day is different, bringing new challenges and that’s what he enjoys,’ says Manfred. "Building the passionate experts in the organization – is what I'm most proud of," says the founder and the CEO to the interviewer.

Talking about the objective behind introducing viewneo, Manfred explains that when he set out to develop the original viewneo software, he felt a real lack of options in the market. Manfred aimed to create a software solution that was simple and intuitive to use, even for people who traditionally haven’t been strong in technology. Additionally, Manfred wanted it to be priced in a way that made it available to everyone from a big corporation to a small business owner.

Moreover, the CEO also divulges that, according to him, the biggest value is the way that the software is designed. All of the products developed at Adversign Media are modular so that customers can choose exactly the features that work best for them. Additionally, the experts have created a range of products, software, and hardware designed to work with each other seamlessly. This helps businesses expand their services without worrying about how everything will work collectively.

Quick and Easy Entry into Digital Signage: It sets up clients' business first screen in 5 minutes. With viewneo, clients can get started with the digital signage project in practically no time at all. There is no complicated software involved, and an intuitive system means less time learning and more time producing. Initial packages have everything clients need to set up and run their TV channel. viewneo is free for all operating systems: Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android.

Viewneo Grows With Business: viewneo is the go-to digital signage resolution for small and large enterprises worldwide. The modular design allows business owners to choose which elements are right for their business. It’s easy to blend and match functionalities, and clients only pay for those peculiarities clients use. Additionally, this structure also makes it easy to control and manage even the most complex projects centrally.

viewneo Sensors: Traditional digital signage shows its limitations when devising a Smart Store or when building impressive multimedia presentations in museums. This means having to employ third-party systems, which are intricate and expensive. viewneo gives a solution with unique sensors and IoT gateways. With everything from smart hangers, RFID, and facial recognition systems, viewneo is the only product that offers a complete solution: hardware and software working collectively seamlessly.

Digital Signage With Artificial Intelligence: It aligns clients' business content with their visitors. The viewneo FR-Cam module allows the business owners to detect the type of viewers they have to know if there are more adults or children or more men or women in front of their screens. Automatic triggers enable clients to adjust the content to match the audience. Only viewneo has a fully unified system that simplifies AI and makes it available to everyone.

Big Data and Analytics: viewneo makes it feasible to save, display, and evaluate data in a simple-to-follow dashboard compliant with data regulations. There is no need to equate with external providers, as viewneo lets clients use their data to optimize their operations.

Thus, the features mentioned above and the different solutions for digitizing in-house communication in several industries endows viewneo to burgeon as one of the best digital signage software amongst the listed ones at GoodFirms.

In conclusion, Manfred explains that they are fortunate that their revenue increased in 2020 despite some setbacks in some of the key industries such as hospitality due to coronavirus. The group worked directly with some of the hardest-hit customers and provided them support where needed.

Moreover, the experts anticipate that as businesses return to a more normal footing in 2021, they will continue to see revenue growth, especially in the smart line products.

He also adds that the viewneo product line is evolving and growing based on the market's needs. Manfred is always looking for new ways to improve the software and hardware to keep it relevant to the customers, which has been part of the mission from day one and will continue for at least the next ten years.

Thus, going through the above-mentioned excerpt from Manfred’s interview, one can also glance at the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.

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